Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Insulted? ACK!!

Here are some of the more "innocuous" fat-slash-old insults I've received on this trip:


Swedish man, while lifting me:

"You actually are quite heavy."
Bosnian man, while I frolicked in fresh new snow (arms above head, t-shirt raised to accidentally expose midriff):

"Cover your kidneys! You are not a young woman."
Ross, at me, presumably while I was rushing somewhere:

"I've never seen those fat little legs move so fast."

Bosnian man, while pointing to my inner thigh and stomach areas:

"You should lose 7 kilos" (15 pounds)




  1. I don't know you, but your blog makes me laugh. The most annoying "fat insinuating" comment I've received was once at a doc office the nurse when weighing me said (kinda under her breath) "hmmm, you hide that weight well".

    1. Yikes Jessica! Summer says that it's better than somebody saying you look way heavier than you are. It's 'technically' a compliment, but I disagree. Haha "fat insinuating"!