Monday, April 16, 2018

Solar Eclipse

Breaking news over here at A Lady Reveals Nothing. Did you know that the United States experienced a full and total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017? The path of totality landed somewhere in Missouri - way far south of here, but that didn't stop my cool mom from purchasing eclipse glasses from Amazon six weeks in advance of the event. 

Oh we waited with bated breath on the front porch every day as the Eclipse date approached. They weren't coming and they weren't coming. Mom went into her Amazon account every day and reported the updates ("nothin!", or "they're in Bemidji!" etc).

The day came but the glasses didn't. It turned out to be fine, since we had complete cloud cover. You can view my reporting on this, LIVE, here and here.

Anyway - after the hullabaloo was over, on that very day at 6:21pm, don't ya spose the UPS man showed up with our glasses?

6:21pm, 8/21/17

That's OK. We had fun with them. The following Monday we stared right at the sun!

Eclipse every Monday, right?

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Baudette MN

When my mom went into the hospital, I ran to the local grocery store to grab lots of Doritos, cheese snacks, mixers for the alcohol we snuck in there, and tons of juicy gossip magazines. 

This is what was on offer:

and don't get excited about that VOGUE either. It was VOGUE Knitting

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