In third person:

Kady spends most of her free time on Instagram. She loves binging every show, shocking people and pinching zits. She is fascinated by clover patches, extreme couponing, and polygamist marriages as depicted on TV.

If she could, she'd travel full time and take camera-timer-setup self portraits of herself with naked statues across the globe...


If you want to read about these people and how they drive Kady nuts, click Here.  Easy!

Hexums Include:
Hal and Dianne
Kim, Scotty, Keri, Kelly, Pete, KADY, and Kasey.
Kim is married to John and has Hanna and Skete.
Scotty is the baby who died.
Keri is married to Marc and has tons of dogs.
Kelly is married to Mike and has Karley and David.
Pete is married to Tanya.
Kasey has Miles, Murphy and Miyo.

From Top Left: Ben, Kasey, under them Pete and Kady with sock ears.  Under them: Hal.  Top of Pyramid in middle: Karley, leaning over Miles and Keri (in La Jolla hoodie).  Kelly with rabbit ears.  Under her: Mom and Miyo.  Last bunch, top: Tanya, Kim hugging Hanna.  Hanna hugging Murphy.  Skeeter in blue/grey hoodie.

Left to right: Kasey, Kady, Pete, Kelly, Keri, Kim

And this is them now, now meaning Fall 2009.  (Kelly has since opened her eyes and Kasey has since given up green pants).  Left to right:   Pete, Keri, Kim, Kady, Kelly, Kasey.  And yes, they are standing in front of their old outhouse.


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