My total country count is now 74. And yes, I am a passport-stamp-collecting-H-to-the-ORE. Here's where I've been:

United States / Bahamas / Mexico / Dominican Republic / Ireland / Northern Ireland / England / Wales / Scotland / China / South Africa / Austria / Italy / Czech Republic / Spain / Gibraltar / Morocco / Senegal / Iceland / Norway / Sweden / Finland / Estonia / Samoa / Australia / New Zealand / Tonga / Bali / Singapore / Thailand / Malaysia / Vietnam / Laos / Cambodia / Korea / Nicaragua / Honduras / El Salvador / Guatemala / Costa Rica / Panama / Chile / Brazil / Argentina / Paraguay / Uruguay / Peru / Bolivia / Canada / France / Belgium / Germany / Poland / Slovakia / Hungary / Slovenia / Croatia / Montenegro / Bosnia and Herzegovina / Serbia / Bulgaria / Turkey / Bahrain / Sri Lanka / Maldives / India / Nepal / Japan / Puerto Rico / United Arab Emirates / Seychelles / Kenya / Mozambique / Netherlands / Belize

...and yes, I do count airport layovers (I'm talking to you Senegal and Bahrain) because I am a passport-stamp-collecting-H-to-the-ORE.

You can read about my trips by clicking on any of the corresponding links on the right side of my blog under "What I Write About".

In 2010 I quit my job and traveled for three years. A lot of people wonder how I afforded to travel for an extended period.  This article I wrote for And Then We Saved might shed some light. The truth is I traveled and lived very inexpensively. I stayed with my parents. I took up odd jobs when I could. I bartended, waitressed, worked online for my old company, and traveled throughout the USA working for a meter/utility company...roadtrippin' it with my roommate Summer of Hobo Siren.  You can read about those adventures by clicking on "Serco".  We drove through or worked in 18 states, bringing my total State Count to 49.  I still haven't been to Alaska.

These days I've got myself a cozy little job at my old company with lots of vacation time. I bought a tiny little shoe box of a house and have an even tinier mortgage payment. I splurge on good food, good alcohol and new clothes.

Next up: Alaska!
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