Sunday, October 24, 2010

Spanish Lesson

"Coca Cola en bolsa" = Coke in a bag

If you want your Coke cheaper, you have them put it in a bag, so they can keep the glass bottle and recycle it.  Go green!  Also the orange juice is called "Squiz".  heh heh

"Esta Bien" = Good Enough

Fences can pretty much be made out of anything.

"Pampers y tacones" = Diaper and high heels

"Pobrecito" = Poor thing.

"Bien Hecho" = Good Job!

Common parking situation in Esteli.

"Un cabellero verdadero" = A Real Cowboy!


Sarah said...

Me gusta! Hilarioso!

This cowboy said...

I hate when your horse runs out of gas in the rain...

Jenny said...

Ask for Coke in a bag here and it's entirely different! That was an awkward conversation with the 7-11 clerk.

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