Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tearful Goodbye

So the time has finally come for me to leave the country again.  Let's not forget that I'm "traveling for a year."  At the beginning of this brilliant idea, ("traveling for a year") I faced the very scary task of telling my mom and dad my plans.  They are not definitely not hovering parents or in my business or anything.  It's just that they get very nervous about me being so far away.

In my whole life living at home, I saw my dad cry ONCE.  But now that he's getting older, the crying thing happens a tidge more often.  A few years back, we were talking about one of my previous trips to China, and my dad expressed his fear that I would die and he would have to go and pick up my body.  His voice cracked just a little when he said it.  Ever since then I've tried to treat him with kid gloves when it comes to me traveling.  So, last September when I called to tell them that I was going to quit my job and travel for a year, I added, "but don't worry!  I'm coming to live with you guys next summer.  For the whole summer!"  How could I have known then that during "next summer" my dad would have his prostate removed and that they would list and sell their house, and move to their cabin?  It turned out to be such perfect timing for me to be there helping them.  In fact when word spread that I came to International Falls to help my parents because of my dad's prostate cancer, I didn't really correct anybody.  Yes, yes...I am wonderful.  Mmhmmm, I dropped everything to come up and help. 

ANYWAYS, we all said goodbye to eachother on Sunday.  It was very sad.  Not only did I drive away from my childhood home for the last time Friday night, but we did the whole gravestone thing on Saturday, and faced our goodbyes for my trip.  It was an emotional weekend.  My dad spent all weekend asking if there was anything he could do to change my mind.  His alternative offer was for me to live with them in Roosevelt for the winter.  Uh, sorry dad...maybe when you get PLUMBING.  Josette gave me a "stay strong" look and I tried my best to make my dad feel comfortable.  When it came time to say goodbye, I started crying.  My mom started crying.  I hugged my dad.  When he backed away from the hug, his eyes were red. 

"Dad?  Are you CRYING?!" 

And then the tears really started.

"Just come back." he said.

Me, crying as I packed and left my childhood home for the very last time...and a really bad picture of my mom.  We were sad, and tired.


prettiest sister said...

Now I am crying!

Anonymous said...

we all are missing you up North. Watch out for strange RedHead waitresses. Madrigas is just around the corner.

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