Saturday, December 13, 2014

Terror in the Skies

Nothing like realizing you're going home tomorrow to make you go "oh, I should really write about this trip." I've been busy people, living life!
Taking terrifying propeller flights from tiny cities in Mozambique to even tinier towns, for example. The beach in Mozambique where my friends Mark and Annie were a few years back is called Tofo. It's pronounced like Tofu for some strange reason but I don't judge because I call Roosevelt Rooooooosevelt, as you'll recall.
Anyways Mark and Annie described this place like a paradise and such a lovely break from grueling overland travel through Africa in such a way that made me really want to go there. You can scuba dive with whale sharks and manta rays, you can surf, you can have $5 lobsters on the beach, etc.
The only problem with Tofu is that it's a nine hour bus ride from Maputo (pronounced Maputu) and that's like 9 hours in Africa-hot weather, with 100 people in a 15 seater bus. And so I decided it would be better to just take a flight from Maputoto to Tofo.
The only Mozambican airline is called LAM (owned 50% by the president of course) and the South Africans have nicknamed it "late and maybe". In fact my flight to Tofo was delayed by four hours, and the only reason I knew that is because the woman checking me in sort of half-mentioned it off the cuff after she had taken my bag. The Maputo airport was quite a confusing place, actually. I tried to get some wifi so I could call some friends to take me for a coffee on my delay but nobody will let you use their wifi, not even LAM after they delay your flight for four hours. The LAM lounge is called Flamingo. It's for business class only and it's completely empty. I weaseled my way in there, even after the rude woman told me that it would be too dangerous to let me sit in the lounge because "what if I have to leave my desk?" She kicked me out after ten minutes but the wifi wasn't working anyway. ANYWAY I basically sat in the airport for four hours without wifi or even a book because they took my bag and then I had to take this plane and OMG it was scary:
Never a good sign when the cockpit is open to the rest of the plane. No word on whether the pilot wore crocs.


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Random Random RANDOM

I can't even believe this.


I really can't believe it .


I'm in Cape Town. Last night I flew here from Mozambique with a connection in Johannesburg. I got on the bus that takes you to the plane and saw Selwyn, a man that randomly had dinner at my house six years ago. Apparently he had been working in South Dakota for the last seven months and was just about to arrive home from a connection in Atlanta.


I felt so bad because I was so excited to run into him that I kind of ruined the tearful reunion with his wife and two kids.






Sunday, December 7, 2014

La Digue

Sarah and Lydia and I made a little friend when we were having our sunset swim by the rocks...

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hal-isms, Vol. 57

"Chip Morton? Or Johnny Depp?"

"The whole world is so tough until they have to hold their poop. Then they find out they ain't so dang tough."

"Now, Kady, if I said 'there's a moose' is that stereotyping?"

"Women these days are too dang independent. Well, they don't need ya."

"I love everybody. It's just my nature. It's a free-flowing thing."




Thursday, December 4, 2014

Sarah and Lydia

In Seychelles, I met up with my old friend Sarah. She lived with me way back in like aught six or seven for just a couple of months, and then headed off for an incredible adventurous life in which she lives in Dubai and works as cabin crew for Emirates and wakes up in a different country every couple of days.
Seriously jealous of her life and I might be tempted to join her, but Emirates has an AGE LIMIT and I exceed it. By quite a margin. Frowny Face.
Anyway, Sarah and I have been talking about meeting up for years but it just now worked out when I invited myself on her weekend getaway to the Seychelles. She and her friend Lydia from Dubai hopped an Emirates flight and arrived on my third day. Together we boarded a ferry and headed off for La Digue island, home to the most amazing rock formations.
That's Lydia on the left and Sarah in the middle.
Lydia and Sarah are tanned, gorgeous and fun. They've been bronzing their skin on their rooftop pools in Dubai while I've been bundling up against zero degree weather back in Minnesota. And so I was a real stick-in-the-mud, I tell ya, with my sunblock and hats and umbrellas and long-sleeved shirts and "not going snorkeling" (remember my gigantic sunburn from snorkeling in the Maldives?) but we had fun anyways:




Sunset in Seychelles



A Confusing Place


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