Monday, October 20, 2014

Photo Shoot - Starring ME!

Last summer, my ol' pal Brent asked me to participate in a photography project. 

I really can't believe I haven't yet linked to his post about it, since it's all about my favorite subject (ME ME ME). Well, here you go. Original link here at his blog, The Speckled Record. He writes about lots of things, including his previous work for the Peace Corps and currently at the American Refugee Commission...and that one time when he made me hold hands with a bunch of strangers on a whim:

Kady with Others 060713 7
If you have a friend who you know loves meeting new people, a ‘yes’ person, a friend who will disregard decorum for a good story, and if this friend is meeting you for a Thursday afternoon happy hour, then I suggest you scrap your bar chatting plans for something else entirely.
My friend, Kady Hexum, is easily one of the most outgoing people on the planet. And earlier this summer I suggested that we change our happy hour plans and meet near a park. There we would introduce ourselves to strangers so that I could take pictures of her holding hands with them. What you are looking at now are the results.
Kady Hexum with Others 060713 110
It isn’t actually too hard to ask people to hold hands with your friend. It helps that Kady is beautiful, kind, and can make almost anyone laugh (see first photo). Most people were totally down. We asked around 20 folks, and only one person said no. I mean, I think he said no.  He slurred something in a fake accent, gave us the crazy eyes, and speed-walked away. (Note: this is an excellent way to get rid of people on the street.)
Most people smiled, mentioned something about their artist family member, and asked me where to stand.
Kady Hexum with Others 060713 96
You really ought to check out Kady’s blog. She’s hysterical. The perfect kind of friend to drag along into perfectly uncomfortable afternoons.
Kady Hexum with Others 060713 38
Kady Hexum with Others 060713 62
Kady Hexum with Others 060713 104
Kady Hexum with Others 060713 122
Kady Hexum with Others 060713 137
Kady Hexum with Others 060713 145

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Favorites: Working Out With the Intern

New to A Lady Reveals Nothing? You've missed SO MUCH. Not to worry. Every Sunday, I dig through the archives to repost an old favorite. Mostly because I'm too lazy to come up with new content every single day. Enjoy! This story originally appeared on December 18, 2009:

I don't really like to work out alone. I don't want to walk ALL THE WAY ACROSS THE PARKING LOT to my Lifetime Fitness and so when my regular work-out buddy Felicia couldn't make it to the gym today I was a little depressed because I knew that meant I wouldn't go either. But I'm fat right now and I'm going to Mexico in about a month, so I casually asked the hot young 23-year-old college graduate intern that I have been sexually harassing for the past 6 months if he had a membership to Lifetime, knowing full well that he did. "I'm going at 3pm," he said, and so of course I told him I was going with him. I also told him I'm a social exerciser and need somebody to at least walk over to Lifetime with me. I agreed to work out on the treadmills. 

We walked over and when I got out of the changing room, he was already running, with a quarter-of-a-mile on the display at a pace of 8 mph. I walked for about 5 minutes and then casually sped up my machine until we were stomping, right. left. right. left. at the same pace. Depressingly I realized that my machine was only at 5.6 mph to his 8. These darn short legs! We ran "together" for about a half mile on my machine and then he left to go 'lift'. Lift. Doesn't that sound amazing and gorgeous? I saw that he had run 1.38 miles on his machine. In his absence, I ended up run/walking because it's been a while since I have run, and so I was glad when he came back by for a drink of water, I was on my short little run section of the run/walk. 

"You really picked up the pace!", (6 mph) he mentioned and then walked toward the water fountain. Thank you for noticing...and thank goodness he hadn't come by 10 seconds earlier, as I was on the 2.8 mph walk that lasted about 8 minutes. When I finally reached 2 miles (30 minutes), he asked if I wanted to do an Ab Set. 

"YES PLEASE", I answered, not really knowing what that was, but it sounded romantic. And it was. Until we did side planks, me facing the wall and him facing my clenched, shaking butt. Wonder if he'll want to work out tomorrow?

"I think he likes me!"

*photo credit:

Friday, October 17, 2014

Hospital Humor

My mom is having a million appointments this week to try and figure out the extent of her cancer and how to proceed. Today there's a pet scan and a biopsy and a meeting with a geneticist. She might have the same breast cancer gene as Angelina Jolie! And maybe so do all us girls!

Anyway, she's being treated at the Piper Breast Center at Abbott Northwestern, which is like the best best best hospital in my opinion and conveniently located only about two miles from my house. 

Today she was taken back for her biopsy from the front waiting area to the back waiting area and the nurse said that I could go with her but not my dad. 

I go, "it's OK. He's seen her boobs before."

Updating Myself on World News

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cherry and Spoon

A famous Minneapolis landmark and a place I take all my visitors to see is the "Cherry and the Spoon", a fountain located at the Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden. You might see it when you Google 'Minneapolis'. It's kind of cute and kitschy and please come visit me and I'll take you there too!

Anyway, my mom is in town for some doctoring and so after we spent the morning of what was probably the last lovely day inside canning tomatoes we had to get out and so I took her on the same little Minneapolis tour that all my Couchsurfers get. I told her about how my sister Kelly took her husband Mike there when they were dating and it was night time and it said, "don't climb on the sculpture" but they were like "let's climb on the sculpture!" but they were across the pond from it -- only the pond looked a lot like cement because it was late late at night and it was very still. So they started to run across the cement to climb on the sculpture but never got to because they fell in the pond and it served them right.  

See? It's pretty cool. Anyway, people like to take selfies there, or photos of themselves trying to hold the spoon in a periphery shot, ala the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

It's nerdy.

Anyway my mom and I tried to selfie it up at my insistence of course. The sun was in our eyes and the double was on our chins but so what? I love her.


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy 48th, Mom and Dad

I don't know, I'm pretty sure I have gone on and on here about my parents and how great they are and how much I love them and how I really get a kick out of them and stuff. They are miraculously still married. Can you imagine anything lasting 48 years?

They're weird. My dad tells too many stories on repeat and my mom can't stand it. My mom likes to watch Real Housewives of Everywhere and my dad can't stand it. 

But here they are. Stuck with each other forever and neither one could live one week without the other. It's true. My mom came down to stay with Kasey after each of her babies was born and it was supposed to last "two weeks" but she was back home after like four days. Claimed Dad needed her. Even when she got lung cancer and had the most painful surgery known to man -- where they break open your ribs to remove a lobe -- and planned to recuperate at Keri's (24 hour care, cable TV, etc) she went home right away and he probably had her make him breakfast. They're attached somehow, in their bickering, like cosmically.

We found out last week that my mom has cancer again, this time in her boob and that makes the fourth time in four years between the two of them. I'll let you guess whose was whose:

Prostate 2010
Lung 2012
Uterus 2012
Breast 2014

So far, all Stage 1 operable, no further chemo or radiation needed. Today there's an MRI and we'll find out a little more, hoping this 'Stage-1-fully-operable' business holds steady. Anyway, Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

He's probably telling a story she's already heard 27 times.


Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I Think That's Illegal...

I just feel like they forgot to leave something behind in Kelly's apartment...

St. Paul Art Crawl.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hal-isms, Vol. 55

"My only dirty dastardly deed I ever did in my life..."

"If you could steer the conversation toward liquor I would say, 'I can hold my liquor'".

"I never bought anything. Anything I got is from Boise."

"I'm a woodsman, Dianne. I'm just tryin' to tell everybody what to do but nobody cares."

"Now, is it indecent exposure at night if you pee?"

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