Monday, June 29, 2009

Miyo poopy pants

Kady: "Miyo, why did you poop in your underwear? You're supposed to poop on the potty!"

Miyo: (pathetically) "I was getting willy willy sick..."

Kady: "You're not sick."

Miyo: "Miles is sick."

at the cabin

Maybe I forgot to post this maybe I didn't but I totally rode a dirtbike at my mom and dad's cabin. It belongs to my nephew Skeeter and there is a trick to it, shifting and what-not. But look at the cool trick I pulled:

Look how I deftly maneuver between outhouse and tent:

Safety first (this helmet only worked if you wore Skeeter's gross filthy baseball cap underneath:

Sunday, June 28, 2009

My new favorite people

Down Home with the Neelys

I ran into this show the other night on the food network and I LOVE IT. They are so cute. "HON-EY?", "YES HON-EY?"
They had a short rib recipe that looked to die for and then also they sauteed spinach with bacon and garlic. I'm going to make that next time I wash dishes.

Check them out, they're adorable.

Cascade Bay

Today I woke up and ran 5 miles! and then went to pick up Murphy. We went straight to Cascade Bay, a water park in Eagan. It's only about a mile from Murphy's house. He has a season pass, and his care-giver gets in free. So we didn't have to pay or anything, we just went in. We went straight for the kiddie pool and Murphy was so excited. He kept saying "Lazy River Water Slide?" and I'm like, "heck yes lazy river water slide!" He is tricky at the water park because he can run 9 times faster than me, plus I'm embarrassed of jiggling my swimming suit body past all the people, so I try to run modestly which makes me even slower. But we had so much fun.
He loves to splash, and I love to float, so we just hung out in one corner of the huge pool and chilled for a really long time. And of course we went down the lazy river water slide about a thousand times. Murphy would get out of the tube, and RUN up to the slide, and I would huff and puff up there, and I could hear the lifeguard saying, "do you have a tube buddy? you need a tube..." and I'd scream "RIGHT HERE! I'M COMING!" and huff and wheeze around the corner. And then we'd WHOOSH down the slide and do it over and over and over again. Finally I got him to WAIT for me going up the stairs. It was so fun to float and float on the tube and Murphy had fun splashing and running along as I floated.

There was a poor lady there who was a tad bit overweight and I could tell by how she was walking that she was self-conscious, and she had a see-through section in the back of her suit. Right by her butt crack. Completely see-through. She was with friends, too. Nice friends.
Murphy is so tan! I got completely sunburned, even though I used spray-on sunblock SPF 30. I guess it wore off. Ouch. I hate sunburns. They make me feel so stupid.

After the water park we rode 7 miles on the tandem bike. It was fun. And then I brought him home and hung out at Kasey's for a little while.
I'm so tired. And tomorrow at work is going to be crappy because it's the end of the month.
The end.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Tribute To Teri

I just noticed I have a new follower! My ol' buddy ol' pal Teri.

I am inspired to share my favorite things about her:

1. Always laughs at my jokes.
2. Made me dinner like, every night when she lived here.
3. Up for anything!
4. LOVES dogs.
5. Has a brother-in-law who steals her phone and sends random texts, pretending to be her. (i.e. "Sometimes I like to dress up in trucker gear, call myself Duke Nukem, spit chew at imports, and ask where the restroom is cuz I gotta rip a growler. It's fun.")
6. Bought me dinner at Fogo de Chao. Best yummiest night out ever.
7. 4 words. Corned Beef and Cabbage.
8. Dill pickle chips in a bowl.
9. Introduced me to Kramarcek's Eastern European Deli. (Bacon. Sauer Kraut. SAUSAGE...*drool*)
10. We're going to Australia next year, right?
11. Right?
12. Huh?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trying not to turn the air on...

I turned it on yesterday for a lil' while, because I was making like 4 things on the stove while DYING. But it's off again, and I'm going to keep trying to not live in a refrigerator this summer.

Also -- I have only used my dryer for two loads since April. That's pretty good -- I've been lucky enough to have sunny laundry Saturdays pretty consistently. I had to use it the other day because I was desperate and sheets don't really hang well in my basement.

Anyways, that's my eco-news for the day. Encouraging all to suffer for the greater good.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Broke down and mowed the lawn tonight

Warning, chubby knees and 90 degree hair to follow. Tonight, June 18, marks the first time in 2009 that I have mowed my lawn.

And by the way, it takes me like 30 minutes. I have a tiny tiny postage stamp of a yard. But when I'm mowing my lawn, I spend half the time feeling like an awesome do-it-yourself homeowner, and the other half the time irritated that there isn't someone else mowing my lawn.

Shouldn't this be somebody else's responsibility? Why should I have to do it?

p.s. I feel the exact same way when I'm raking the leaves in the fall and shoveling my sidewalks in the winter.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Operation "Replace Anna" is complete!

Only one year and two months after she moved out I have finally gotten my favorite missing Anna items. Given her expensive taste, you can imagine it took me a little while to save up for everything. (Got the vacuum with my economic stimulus money last year...)

Electric Kettle

Martini Shaker

Simplicity Vacuum

Global Knife

I cannot wait to chop something with my new knife that arrived today!!!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Something sort of weird and dangerous just happened... I'm unwinding, two glasses of wine, watching a movie, and suddenly I hear somebody talking REALLY LOUD outside my window. So of course I turn down my movie and I start listening.


Super loud. So I look out the window and there is a young guy, 20's-ish, and he is DRUNK. Swaying, and calling somebody and trying to get somewhere.

My mind was racing. Should I call the police? There's no time to get his licence plate. I can't let this DRUNK person drive away and kill a little baby! He's about to drive away. But I can't let him in my house! It's raining! What about the babies!? So I scream "HEY!" and then I hear him interrupt his phone call and see him look around.

"You wanna sober up a little before you go anywhere?"


"You wanna hang out?"

"Sure. Where ARE you?"

So I run downstairs and open up the front door, and sit on the front porch. This guy is TRASHED. Can't WALK. It's raining. My butt is now wet from sitting on my porch and it's raining on me. He sits down. We exchange pleasantries.

ME: "Do you want to go for a walk?"


"Let me grab an umbrella and some shoes."

I ran in the house (locked the door behind me) and grabbed my shoes but couldn't find an umbrella and we ended up walking down to 54th and then down to Cedar and back. (About 9 blocks.) The entire time I was praying, hoping that my good deed would not end in a rape/murder situation. I kept looking at every house that had lights on...he tells me about his daughter Ava Grace, and she's 2, and she's his whole world. His brother has had 2 DUI's, his sister has had one. He works for a grocery produce distributor. His brother lost his license for a year, and his sister 6 months. I explained that if he lost his license, he couldn't get to work and then he couldn't take care of Ava.

Blah blah blah

I decided I couldn't let him drive, even after our walk. I couldn't let him in my house. I asked who we could call. Could somebody come and get him? Could I call him a cab? We called his brother. I talked to him. He lives at 60th and Chicago.

And then Rigs called. (Dude from the phone call that started thsi whole thing). He said, "I'm really disappointed DAN, I'm really f&^$%&g disappointed."

Dan goes, "I'm not coming to the bar."

I go, "Let me talk to Rigs...hi Rigs this is Kady. I'm trying to get Dan a ride home"

Rigs goes, "F*#K YOU!!!!!!!! KAAAAAAAADY!"

I'm like, (to Dan) "nice friend, Dan".

Rigs continues, "You tell DAN that I'm throwing all his S*&t outside in a box..."

I'm like, "you sound like an angry wife".

Then he hung up on me.

And then Dan's brother came and got him. but not before I heard him yelling that "that girl didn't give me good directions". I think Dan and his friends hate women. But he didn't hurt me. He did ask for my phone number though.


p.s. Mom and Dad, I'm sorry I did that. It seemed like the right thing to do at the time. And, I'm adding it to the list of reasons why it's a miracle I'm alive right now.

Short Ribs

Nancy left some short ribs at my place last this weekend and so last night I rubbed them with Willy's marinade and minced fresh garlic and threw them back in the fridge. This morning I threw them in the crock pot on low with about a half cup of water for 8ish 9ish hours (cover in carrots, but not celery, they didn't quite make it) and VOILA! yummy dinner. A whole crock pot full. Then I threw the rest of my asparagus in the oven (lay them in a 9x13, spread olive oil, salt and pepper and parmesan cheese over them, bake at 350 for about 25 minutes or until tender but firm). I also made some garlic butter (mash fresh garlic into butter with fork, add parsley and oregano) and used it on broiled toast for a garlic toast.
I couldn't stand the idea of eating one portion of this huge meal so I sent out a text to see if anybody wanted to come over for dinner. Kay and Josette were available yay! and we had dinner and then we walked to Grand Ole' Creamery for ice cream cones and made it in the nick of time just before they closed for the night and then we walked back and had a lovely fire (only slightly smokey) and then Cory and Chad stopped by after not catching any fish in Lake Nokomis and they chatted for a while and then went home to Mankato and now I'm wondering if everybody gets smelly pee after they eat asparagus?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I don't like guns

And I don't think people should own them, but I couldn't resist shooting a green balloon flapping in the breeze. It only took me four times to get it. I kept trying to line up the bead way north of the guides, and then dad told me that the three beads need to line up all at the top. Flush. Level. I think this is why I was such a bad shot as a kid and always missed the animals.

POW! POW! POW! POW! Semi-automatic .22 pistol. Totally a pansy gun. A little girl gun. But it was cool anyways. And very redneck.

Notice how my dad is wearing hearing protection, and I am not.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009



By-standers: "Kelly fell out of the camper!"

Kady: "I'm sorry! Are you hurt? *snaps photo* This might go on my blog? Are you OK? OH, good, that's great. *doesn't help*"

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hexum cabin

goin' up to the shack this weekend.
dad says there'll be some shootin'.
mom asked me to get some gin.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Country Song Lyric of the Day

When the lord comes callin, he aint gonna have to holler y’all
there’ll be no trouble finding me, in my dirty old hat,
with my crooked little grin, granted beady neck, and these calloused hands, in a muddy pair of jeans with that Copenhagen ring
No need to change a thing, Hey y’all I’m going out with my boots on

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