Where DO you live?

In Minneapolis. With my super cute husband. 

Are you working?

Yes. I got a J-O-B. I said I wouldn't and I ate those words and now I'm on the 9-5 again. (Which is more like the 10-10 because I can't get out of bed and then because there's lots of work to do.) 

Are you traveling?

When I can. I have quite a bit of time off at my new job. Zach and I have been to 27 states together already in just 18 months (including Hawaii and not including Puerto Rico) and we are dying to go to Alaska.

Weren't you afraid to travel all by yourself?

Not really. I was never alone. Part of the reason I wanted to travel was because I had so many friends who were already doing it. I decided to just go and visit all of them. 

Where are your next big travel plans?

ALASKA. And then far future plans -- either Africa and hiking Kilamanjaro OR...fly to Greece and then make our way up through very Eastern Europe like Romania and the Ukraine and then take the Trans-Siberian railway through Russia and Mongolia and into China. 

How did you stand living with your parents at almost 37 years old?  

Very easily.

How do you get your skin looking so soft and silky smooth?  You look SO much younger than you are!

You're full of crap. Who wrote these Q's?


Chris said...

Jeff L. told me about FAQ. I didn't even know what that was. He liked this section and now I do too!

Anonymous said...

Swing by Afghanistan on the way. I'll be there until July 2013!!

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