Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh Stockholm, I wish you were MY holm.

We arrived this morning via flight to Stockholm, and our only task for the day was to find and book the Viking line ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki and a return trip. We figured this might take a few hours because who knows where the Viking line even is, right? So as soon as we got off the plane and got our bags, we asked at the ticket counter and the man said to go upstairs. Well, we did. And there it was. The Viking Line Office. So we booked a C Class cabin on the way there tonight (includes our own bathroom) and a B Class cabin on the way back (C class was sold out) for Saturday night. I'm probably going to get claustrophobic again in the tiny cabin that is below the water level and so does not have a window. We got the cruise for about $200 per person and that's round trip, includes breakfast and two nights sleep. 
This gives us 2.5 days in Helsinki and Tallin and one day in Stockholm after today. We went to the Midievel museum today and it was kind of boring because its being moved and the new one doesnt open until 2010. So that was a bust, but I did get to learn a little bit about how the people constructed the town when it was first built and that was interesting. They used to kill about 7 people a year in Stockholm for murder, theft of items more than 1 mark, and defamation of character. I was surprised it was only 7 people per year. 
So then I bought another cap!!! Exactly the same as my two lost caps, but plaid. We'll see how long this one lasts. :) Also I bought a USB port, so if I find an internet cafe that has a USB port that I can use, I'll upload more photos. That's why I haven't blogged about the hike up to Preikestolen yet, because I want to include the photos.

I received confirmation that as of today the memory stick is on its way to Oslo, and then Inge Bjart has promised to forward it to me in Minneapolis. YAY!!!

We shopped and shopped in Old Town, and I got something for Miles. Officially if your name is on this list, you're getting a prezzie:
That's it so far and I feel bad.

Ross feels even worser, because NOBODY is getting anything from him. NOBODY. (Just kidding, he bought lots of stuff and you're all getting AWESOME STUFF!!) Just kidding. He's trying, but stay tuned. Things are becoming more and more affordable so you just might get lucky!! This is me typing this, and Ross just said that is not what he would have said, but it's fine. I think he might hate me.
Oh p.s. Sweden is cheaper!! We filled our tummies today. With tacos that were delicious and had cucumbers in them. I got a burrito, chips and an apple juice for $8. I'm happy to report that the beer comes cheaper here too. Where in Norway, the cheapest beer ANYWHERE was $10, I found one here in Old Town for $5, but didn't buy it because it's only like 1pm. When we got to the airport we almost high-fived, but Ross wouldn't do it, he left me was because I saw some stuff for $2, like nuts and stuff, and there is NOTHING in Norway that costs $2. And Ross is too cool for high-fiving apparently. But he did give me a knowing look.
We bought a bunch of groceries just now and have bananas, granola, crackers and cheese plus an hour of internet for just over $20. That's what just internet costs in Norway.

OK so, off to the Viking ship (I hope we dont have to row...AHAAAAHAAAA!!!HAA!HA!!!) and an overnight cruise to Helsinki. They call it the party boat, I'll letcha know if that is the case. We hope to meet Veera and Minea in Helsinki and hang out with them for the day...

I will post more later. Bye!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Commencing Radio Silence...

Bye! I'll post when I can...

Word Fun

Norwegian words we learned:

Fart = speed
Rape = burp

Somebody said that they dont like to burp after meals, but they accidentally said it's not polite to rape after a meal.


Apparently, we got this word from the Norwegians, and apparently we have been saying it wrong all this time. It's pronounced See-Lo.


They charge $60 for a bottle of Jacob's Creek Merlot here at the restaurants!!

That's US dollars!

A huge bummer occurred after my last barrage of posts

I left my USB ports and memory card at the internet cafe. I was pretty bummed out because I was being really good about making sure I have everything when I leave somewhere. But I went to take a picture of our sleeper cabin on the night train (even smaller than the room in Preikestolen) and it said, "no memory card". I was like, OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Ross!!! I left the memory card!! And then Ross was like, "WHA?"

We looked and looked but I didnt find it. So for the rest of the trip, no more uploading photos because I will have no way of getting the pics onto the computer. Even worse, we lost all the photos from that camera. Fortunately, it was from my smaller camera and there were less photos. But, that's where I put all of my panoramic movies that I took for Aaron and Paula so I was SO SO SO SAD.

And then, when we got back to Inge Bjart's place in Oslo, we googled the internet cafe and emailed and called the guy, and also when I logged into Facebook, he had emailed me, so the happy ending is that he is going to mail the card to Bjart, and Bjart is going to mail it to me. Yay.

Just, too bad about not being able to upload photos. I will post them all when I get home, dont worry. I took some really good ones today, because we went to some museums and stuff. Also you can see all the photos that I took on our hike at Preikestolen on my facebook page, which I posted the link for earlier. So, I'm not sure how much internet access we will have for the rest of the trip...I'll post when I can.

I told Ross that the fun part is pretty much over because we have already done all of the stuff that I planned out. Now we're in Oslo and tomorrow we fly to Stockholm. We dont have anything at all figured out past that. I am hoping that once we get to Stockholm, we will take the party boat over to Helsinki and meet our new friend Minea, and then maybe stay overnight in Helsinki, and have a day in Tallin, Estonia which is just a short ferry ride away (and cheap, we hear), and then take the party boat back to Stockholm, where we will spend Sunday and then Monday noonish we fly home!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The ferry to Stavanger and to Preikestolen

Pronounced StaVANGah.

I didnt take any pictures this day because it SUCKED. First, we had to walk, in the rain to the ferry and then as we were getting on the boat, we had to say our name and destination into a tape recorder. Why? Planning on sinking? Is this so you can tell our parents that we're DEAD?? It took about 5 hours to get to StaVANGah. Halfway there we switched boats which we didnt know we had to do, but some nice lady picking up garbage told us to get off the boat. So we did. And then we got on another boat. I didnt expect it to be seasick type boat stuff but it was, the waves were crazy.

The sea, she was angry.

Anyway I just typed that to make Ross laugh and he did so there. When we arrived in StaVANGah, I knew that we had to take a ferry to Tau, but had no tickets for it or anything, and we sort of had to figure it out, but the ferry office desk was closed. And there was no place to buy tickets in an ATM type machine, so I was like, "WHA?" I found a timetable that said there was a ferry to Tau at 15:25 which was around an hour away. We just had to go to "linje 5" which I figured meant Line 5. I saw lines 1, 2 and 3, and thought line 5 was around the corner so we ended up going to a little gas station-y store and buying nuts and candy bars because we knew we were going to climb a mountain the next day and wanted to buy snacks. Then we went back to get in line 5 but there was no line 5. So we asked a guy and he pointed and so we started walking to a different harbor...but halfway there Ross was like, this doesnt seem right and it really didnt so we turned around and walked back and just then we a huge passenger ferry arrive at what must have been Line 5, but it didnt say that anywhere. Sometimes I feel like such an idiot.

So we got on that ferry, and then by some miracle there was free internet so I googled on my iTouch how to get from Tau to Preikestolen and it said to take a bus. So there was a bus right outside of the ferry and everybody was getting on it and Ross and I were last so I get on and hand her my money (there was a sign that said, to Preikestolen, 65 NOK per person, about $10) and she said, "I'm not going to Preikestolen". Then I got confused and said, who is? And she pointed to a big white bus that already left but was stopped waiting for the ferry traffic and so Ross and I got off the bus and I didnt want to run and act a fool so we briskly walked to the other bus, and just as we got up to it, it drove off. The timetable for the buses said that the bus to Preikestolen wasnt until 7:05 so I am comforting myself to think that the white bus was not for us anyway. So now, we have THREE hours to kill and we're starving, so we decided to start walking. Charlies Pub is right up there. But we got there and it was closed. Then we walked down a little road and a couple pushing a baby came the other way and we asked if there was a restaurant up there and they said, NO, but there is up there, and pointed to the direction we had previously been walking. So we went up there, and went to the gas station they suggested but they only had candy. No go. went to the Lleland Hotel restaurant, but they didnt open until 6pm, and their prices were like $40 for a meal and 6pm was now an hour and a half away. So we kept walking. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Then a dude told us there was a pizza joint up ahead and so we walked some more. p.s. I hate how heavy my backpack is in times like these...
anyways we found the pizza, it was the Lamb and mayonnaise one and it was FANTASTIC. So the entire craptastic day was saved. At least in my opinion. and the ferry wasnt so bad because we watched 9 episodes of the Office.

So far we watched the entire season 5 and are almost done with season 3. After that I have flight of the Conchords season 2 on my iPod and I betcha were gonna finish that too!

So we finally got on the bus to Preikestolen, and it was kind of full so we didnt sit by eachother, but it was pretty gorgeous out the windows. Sleepy little boat towns, and the sunset was quite orange and gorgeous. When we arrived at the hostel in Preikestolen here is what we saw:

A glass lake reflecting the mountain. SOOOOO pretty.

The room, though was another story. 5 feet by 8 feet. Top bunk bed two feet from the ceiling. Sink behind bed. Nowhere to put stuff, nowhere to hang stuff. Must. get. out. of. there.

Oh yes, I'll take a shower!!! I havent showered in like three days, I'll go take a wonderful, cleansing, warm, wonderful shower. and then I saw this:

So I went downstairs and found a better shower and I let Ross go first and he told me it was cold and I wanted to cry. He was right. Cold shower.

p.s. that night I woke up in a panic at midnight and felt so claustrophobic I couldnt sleep. I kept imagining the place on fire and we wouldnt be able to get out. And I kept hearing noises that sounded like somebody setting the place on fire. Whats that? A cigarette, yes its a cigarette. Eventually I fell asleep and then the next day we had to get up early because they had FREE BREAKFAST!!!!!

Only from 8 to 10 though and we had to check out at 10am.

Floibanen on its way up Floyen

We put the fun in Funicular! We went up to the top of Floyen mountain in a funicular, or basically a train that goes up the side of the mountain. I wasnt expecting it to be like Valley Fair, but it was. We sat right up against the glass, and watched backwards as the whole train shoots straight up, but it bounces when it stops and it feels like an amusement park ride.

When you get to the top there is a souvenir shop (daaaaaaaaad, I got you somethinnnnnng! -Kady) and a walking park with an Activityslopen, or something like that where there were all these creepy wooden heads in the woods, and I guess they were supposed to be fun for the kiddies, but I thought they were weird and scary. Plus there was a statue of a rabid dog feeding her babies and growling at you:

How is that supposed to be for kids? and then we found a tree with a note on it asking what mountain are you on right now, and there were fun slides and tubes and it was all about kids. I dont get it. Anyways, we found statues that looked exactly like us (if ross has his hood up, but he had his hood up the whole time in Bergen because of the rain.) Check it out! I was so obsessed with getting our pictures, we put my camera on a log and set the timer...I think Ross might be getting sick of me having to have pictures of certain things? I was going to ask somebody for help but there was NO ONE AROUND in the CREEPY woods. Glad Ross was with me.

And this one is just for fun.

Here we are at the top of the city:

Fish Market

In Bergen we went to a fish market, and bought a kilo of smoked salmon and a half kilo of crab claws. It was delicious. And about $42 we figured. We had walked around Bergen and just sort of happened upon this fresh fish market. It was amazing to sample all kinds of stuff and Ross even ate raw salmon, like four kinds. We had whale too. Apparently that is cruel and horrible, according to our new friends at the hostel, but I didnt really know that. The girl at the fish place was so nice and she said it was their most special treat, and so I felt special and ate it. Plus she was from Espana and I tried to use my Espanol even though I couldnt remember anything! Sorry, Shamu. En Espanol, "Lo siento, Shamu Pequeno"

We decided to eat there, and at first thought we would just carry the meat away and eat it later, because it was only 3pm and we are trying really hard to budget our time and lunch clock because we only want to pay for food twice a day if possible. Well after thinking about it we realized it would be best just to eat the salmon there, and then decided to buy more stuff and thats why we got the crab claws.

We did end up bringing about a third of the salmon back to the hostel and the British boys helped us finish it before they cooked their own fish they caught. We were worried about it being in room temperature for three hours. Ha! That was before the pizza incident. Three hours, schmree hours. I wish I had that salmon back right now I would eat the whole thing, even if out overnight. Kady hungry.

While we were sitting there I saved two people from sitting in bird crap. They were just about to sit down, and I screamed, "WAAAAAAAAAAAAIT!!!" and pointed to the bird crap and they were SO thankful. And then a tent tipped over from the rain and a ton of water poured out onto the ground and everybody was like, "WHA?" and we were all, "HUH?" and it was awesome. This was after we realized that all of the museums were closed and would be closed on Monday (which is why we are in Bergen right now -three days later - and killing tons of time at the internet cafe)...


From Voss we took the train to Bergen, and I saw from my online confirmation from the hostel that its about 300 meters to walk there from the train station. And there is a billboard at the station telling you how to get there. We found the billboard and started walking, in the rain up to the hostel. The billboard said 200 meters. Anyways, we walked and walked and walked in the rain and didnt find it. After about what we thought was 200 meters or 300 meters but ended up being about a half mile, we asked a girl and she said we should have taken a right at the train station, and it was just 200 meters to the right (instead of going straight). So we walked a half mile BACK to the train station in the rain, and sure enough that billboard said take a right. So we went to the hostel, found out that our key was at the bar next door, had to go there, then back to the dorm room, saw that it looked like this:

and there was a big sign saying help us avoid bed bugs, and so I was just irritated. I put my bag down in the room, and asked Ross if he would please join me at the bar, where I drank 3 beers. Ross also drank beers and he can tell you how many. So anyways, after that, I felt better, but did NOT want to go back to that dorm room!!! We had to share with 6 other people. If you can see in the photo there are 8 beds. So we finally did, and it was 11:30 by now and then when we got back all the other 6 people were sleeping with lights out. OOPS. So we had to QUICK get in bed, spread out the sheets (at least this place gave us sheets) and put the pillow cases on the pillows, and try not to make ANY noise. It was also 1,000 degrees in that room by the way, so after all my bed was taken care of I had to take off my jeans and bra because it was so hot. And then at 4:30 in the AM I woke up with a start because I had to pee because of all those beers. So, should I go? I would have to put my pants back on. I would have to find my flip flops in my back pack. I couldnt sleep. It was SO hot. What to do? Finally I threw on my jeans, skipped the flip flops (EW!) and went to the bathroom, 5 feet from the dorm, with 2 inches of space below all doors and if I woke anybody up putting my jeans on, they heard me pee, wipe, flush and wash my hands. And say EW 7 times. p.s the next morning I found my bra in Ross' bed. hmmmmmmmm

I think it fell behind the bed, and landed on his when I took it off. I found it when he was in the bathroom thank goodness.

The next night at this hostel we met some british guys who caught a fish in the harbor and cooked it themselves. Also we met a married couple from Australia who are in their 16th month of travelling and dont know when theyre going home. They have been everywhere.

You can google search their blog at "world nomads vanessa".

Train station in Voss

I'm pretty far behind on my posts. When we got to Voss is when I posted the teaser for the fjord tour...OK so here we are back then in Voss, waiting for the train, killing time. I just love the Farts signs. Comedy killer: It means 'speed' in Norwegian.

In this town we had kabobs for only $9 each!!!! We were rejoicing over such a steal, before we remembered that they would be about 4 bucks back home. Oh well...

Bus ride from Gundvangen to Voss

After the trip down the fjord, we had to take the bus to the train station in Voss. it goes down the steepest stretch of road in Northern Europe. The bus driver had to ride the brakes the entire way down and it was an S curve the whole way. He said that for one year now it has been a one-way road, but prior to that, it was two way and was much more difficult to get down.

Photos from Oslo (from Facebook)

Click here to view photos from Oslo on my facebook page

Ross met some Japanese people on the boat

There was rain on my lense, so this picture got kind of wrecked...

They didnt speak any English and I didnt speak any Japanese but Ross was able to tell them his name, and one of the women gave us Origami things she had made, it was pretty cool. Ross wrote them a note, with Japanese characters that he remembered from school.

I love Norway, but I really cant af-fjord it.


I just made that up. Here is a sample of cost:

Big Mac: 85 NOK, or roughly $14. We didnt get that, obviously.
French fries, one small, one medium: 42 NOK, or $7

Hotel room, TINY, with breakfast and shower: 755 NOK, or $125. (for 2 people)
Hostel, two bunks, shared bathroom with hair on the shower floor, with breakfast: 680 NOK, or $113. (for 2 people)
Hostel, shared with 6 other people, shared bathroom, no breakfast, 2 nights: 680 NOK, or $113.

Pizza lunch buffet: 99 NOK or $16.
Water is $2 minimum, and one place wanted $6. I actually told that lady no thanks, and she put it back in the fridge. You can drink the tap water though so thats good.

A couple nights ago we bought a pizza for 200 NOK or $33, and we ate it for dinner and it sat out until the next day at 3pm but we ate it for dinner again anyway. Here it is at its freshest: Kabob pizza, with lamb and mayonaissey sauce.

We got free breakfast with our hostel on Sunday and on Monday and so we ate like kings and it was very awesome.

Wellingtons or rubber boots would be helpful since it has rained the entire time we have been in west Norway, but those are $200 USD. If you go to a clothing store, anything that is sweatery is $200. Everything else shirty is $100. we havent been shopping a ton, but this is what I have seen so far.

I wanted to buy a hat because of the one I lost, but those are minimum $40, and they arent as cute as mine :(.

hmmmmm thats all I have to say about that, this place is just very expensive. And there doesnt seem to be a way to cheap-out because even McDonalds is too much. I guess the cheapest thing so far has been the flight.

Norway photos from Facebook

Click here to view photos of the fjords, etc in Norway

This is a little post about leaving Minneapolis...

Aaron and Paula dropped us off at the airport. I think Aaron started crying right after this one was taken:

Us in the Welcome to Minneapolis sign:

Ross getting on his first flight! (besides one to Seattle when he was three that he doesnt remember)

Iceland photos

Click here to view photos from Iceland

I am not able to upload multiple photos to blogger, so here is a link to the Iceland photos I posted to my facebook account.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Discovery Travel

So the fjord boat stopped a couple times along the way to pick people up and drop people off, and at the first stop I noticed two guys getting on the boat and they had a huge television camera. Ross and I had parked ourselves in the front of the boat on the top floor and I was taking pictures off the side of the boat. The camera guy asked me if he could film me taking pictures. So I was like yes please! And he did and I had to sign a waiver and he said that the Discovery Channel is doing a 30 part series, of which the fjords are one, and I might be on it! Later on, Ross and I were filmed together, pretending to take pictures. Ross signed a waiver too and so check us out on Discovery Travel!! p.s. I think my jeans make my butt look big and the angle of film he was taking was like on the ground up towards my butt of me leaning over the boat edge to take a picture. So what you might see on Discovery Travel is my big a##. Oh well.

Later, his partner dude asked if he could take some publicity stills of me so I let him, they looked like this:

Do you know how hard it is to be SERIOUS in a photo if you are ME? Its impossible. But the point is that they take "stock photos" and then magazines buy them and then you might get in a hemmerhoid ad or something. So please check me out in a magazine. Not sure which one.

Ross took a picture of him taking a picture of me:

and then he took a picture of Ross taking a picture of me taking a picture of him. Just kidding.

From Oslo to Flaam to the fjord

So lots has happened, and I'm trying to remember it all...

I think we left off when we got on the train to Bergen. We bought a ticket from a website called Norway in a Nutshell which takes you from Oslo to Bergen via Myrdal and Flaam and Gundvangen and Voss. Meaning you take the train from Oslo to Myrdal, change trains and go to Flaam, then take a BOAT down a FJORD to Gundvangen, then a bus to Voss, and then a train to Bergen.

On the 28th we take the night train back to Oslo. We bought a sleeper car so that will kind of count as one night's hotel room.

Anyways, after we got to Flaam I had a chance to blog a little bit about the train ride. It was so gorgeous! We had a nice relaxing 6 hour train ride. After we arrived in Flaam, we checked into our hostel, which looked like this:

Cute little bunk beds. We sprung an extra $15 USD each for OUR OWN BATHROOM in the ROOM!! The hostel we stayed at in Iceland had a bathroom down the hall, and it was sort of a hassle...kinda like, should I walk all the way to the bathroom, or just hold it...anyways so we were excited at the prospect of having our own shower and so we spent $65 each to stay at a youth hostel. Everything is so expensive in Norway!! So that night we checked in, left our bags in the room, and went down to have dinner at a cafe. Ross had the typical Norwegian feast of meat cakes, mushy green peas and potatoes with gravy, and I had a hamburger and french fries. both meals were about $22 each. There is nothing cheaper. You just pretty much have to spend $20 for a meal. So we're only eating twice a day. Once from a grocery store for about $10 (ham and cheese sandwich) and once at a restaurant or cafe for about $22-$25. And my coffee is $3-4 for a tiny cup of regular coffee poured from a coffee pot.
After dinner we went back to our hotel and watched like 4 or 5 episodes of the Office and fell asleep. The next morning we had to check out by 11am, and so we left our bags at the front desk and set off for a walk in search of the Farts sign that I saw from the window of the train. On the way we just marvelled at how gorgeous the mountains were.

And then it was off to get on the boat for the Fjord tour. So...this is the part that's hard to describe. I have never seen anything so beautiful in all my life. p.s. it rained the entire day on the way to Flaam, and we were just hoping and hoping it wouldn't rain on our fjord trip and it didn't! The sun was out and there were just a few clouds, so it made for such a gorgeous view. It was cold, but fortunately Ross bought a headband and gloves for us at the souvenir shop. Here are some photos:

There is a waterfall that the boat drives right up to and against. I saw this on my Rick Steeve's video so I ran down to the bottom part of the boat to get a really good picture. Here it is...and then the boat crew guy lowered the green thing and a gush of water came in and soaked me up to my ankles.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

we are in Voss today

Today was pretty much the best day yet. We got to take a boat to Voss from Flaam and it went through the most beautiful fjords. I cant even really decribe it except to say it was so beautiful.

I dont have time to write! oh no!

Here are some photos of the fjords. p.s. Ross and I might be on Discovery Travel. I'll write more about that later. TEASER

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We are in Flam

No photos today, which is too bad because we just travelled by train on the most amazing and beautiful train ride you could ever imagine. It was about 6 hours and went from Oslo to Myrdal and then we switched trains and went from Myrdal to Flam. 
There were waterfalls and mountains and it snowed and trees changing colors and our ears popped and I bought a sandwich and we watched two more episodes of the Office...and now were in Flam, a sleepy little mountain town with not much going on. We just need to grab some dinner and maybe visit the tiniest church in Norway built in the 1600s and maybe take our picture by a sign I saw that said Farts and then tomorrow we get on a boat to tour the Sogne Fjord, the biggest and most beautiful fjord in Norway (not 100% sure of that fact so take it with a grain of salt). I am typing this with my backpack on. I only bought 15 minutes of internet time. 
Sorry mom and sisters you maybe wont get your typical awesome souvenir stuff here is EXPENSIVE. Im pretty must only gonna buy food. I just picked up a really cute sweater that had windproofing inside and thumbholes and it was $400, so I put it back down.

Oh, and mom I saw a polar bear taxidermized in a box and it had that weird felt ruffle around the edges like they did to dads bear. Maybe its a Norwegian thing and you should be proud rather than embarrassed.

Well bye for now, more later. LOVE kady (and Ross)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Today was kind of a big day. First, we slept in until 11am. That was kind of an accident, but was mostly because we came back to the 'flat' at 8pm because we were totally tired and then we had to watch the Emmys until 11pm and then we slept twelve hours. But the good news is we got to see all the writers who won Emmys from shows we've never seen. It's always good to get English TV abroad though...

Anyways we got showered and walked to the train station and took a train plus a bus to see the ski jump which is currently under construction. It was pretty cool to see though because it sits up on top of the whole city and you can see all of Oslo from up there. Also when the 2011 Ski Jump competition is on TV I can bore anybody sitting next to me with the comment that "I've been there!!"

After that we took the bus and train back to the city, and walked
one hundred miles to get to the National Art Museum so we could see the Scream. That was pretty cool. They wouldn't let me take a photo though so you'll have to imagine it. Edvard Munch seemed like a pretty dark soul. They had a room full of his stuff. I really liked it. They also have a couple of Picassos, some Gaughans, Cezanne, Degas, Manet, etc.

From there we walked another hundred miles to get to a neat lunch cafe place where we paid $20ish for meat and potatoes. It was really yummy.

And then we walked another hundred miles to get to the Opera house. That was pretty cool. You can walk all the way to the top of it on these stone ramp things that are part of the architecture. You could see a lot of the shore and city from there too.

And then we took a nice walk through the bad neighborhood where the junkies and the prostitutes hang out. Apparently it's only illegal to buy a prostitute so only the buyer will be arrested. So the ladies just kind of hang out no big deal. We saw a dude totally strung out laying there. The reason for this nice walk was we wanted to tour the fortress where in the old days they would watch for bad guys coming up the fjord, and also put prisoners in jail.

Then we went for a beer and now we're home. I think literally without exaggerating we walked maybe 7 miles today. Oh, and I pooped for the first time since getting here.

Feels good.
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