Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A huge bummer occurred after my last barrage of posts

I left my USB ports and memory card at the internet cafe. I was pretty bummed out because I was being really good about making sure I have everything when I leave somewhere. But I went to take a picture of our sleeper cabin on the night train (even smaller than the room in Preikestolen) and it said, "no memory card". I was like, OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Ross!!! I left the memory card!! And then Ross was like, "WHA?"

We looked and looked but I didnt find it. So for the rest of the trip, no more uploading photos because I will have no way of getting the pics onto the computer. Even worse, we lost all the photos from that camera. Fortunately, it was from my smaller camera and there were less photos. But, that's where I put all of my panoramic movies that I took for Aaron and Paula so I was SO SO SO SAD.

And then, when we got back to Inge Bjart's place in Oslo, we googled the internet cafe and emailed and called the guy, and also when I logged into Facebook, he had emailed me, so the happy ending is that he is going to mail the card to Bjart, and Bjart is going to mail it to me. Yay.

Just, too bad about not being able to upload photos. I will post them all when I get home, dont worry. I took some really good ones today, because we went to some museums and stuff. Also you can see all the photos that I took on our hike at Preikestolen on my facebook page, which I posted the link for earlier. So, I'm not sure how much internet access we will have for the rest of the trip...I'll post when I can.

I told Ross that the fun part is pretty much over because we have already done all of the stuff that I planned out. Now we're in Oslo and tomorrow we fly to Stockholm. We dont have anything at all figured out past that. I am hoping that once we get to Stockholm, we will take the party boat over to Helsinki and meet our new friend Minea, and then maybe stay overnight in Helsinki, and have a day in Tallin, Estonia which is just a short ferry ride away (and cheap, we hear), and then take the party boat back to Stockholm, where we will spend Sunday and then Monday noonish we fly home!!

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