Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am currently wearing a stocking hat at work.

Two people today said my hair was "puffy". And not like, "oh, Cute! your hair is puffy!" Like, "what's with your hair, it's puffy." When the one guy said it, he was like, "Hey, puffy" which I took to mean, "Hey, fatty". I was relieved, and then embarrassed again.

I took a bath last night and fell asleep on my wet hair. So sue me.

Rotten Mushrooms

Today I was digging in my purse and I found:

A glass pyrex bowl with a plastic lid looking like it was about to bust open. Inside? Mushrooms, all wet and rotten. I put them in my purse about a week and a half ago to bring to work for lunch. Clearly my purse is too big.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

The most embarrassing thing just happened to me

So I had some friends over to watch Arrested Development and eat all day. And that's what we did and it was super fun. And then we also watched Son of Rambow. (really good.) At some point during the movie, my friend Kay turned to me and said, "gross Kady you have something in your hair. It looks wet." He was like, "I'm not going to touch it but give me your finger and I'll point to it with your finger. It looks like a maggot."

I'll save you the trouble of doing a Google Image Search for "maggot":

A maggot?!  EW!!!  So I recoiled in horror and yanked my finger back out of his hand. Then he said, "OK I'll just get it." Then he stuck his finger in my hair and pulled it out. 

When I saw what was in his hand it jogged my memory and I faintly remembered rubbing my nose and then touching my hair...


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Kady Hexum 8th annual movie watching extravaganza

So my boss always lets us out at noonish on the 24th. Well I got nowhere to be and so I always go to Southdale and watch as many movies as I can fit into the day. In years past I would just pay for one movie and then sneaky sneaky into the other theaters. I have to say it was kind of an awesome feeling to sneak because I felt like I was "on the lamb" even though nobody paid attention or asked to see a ticket. But, my criminal days are over and now I buy all of my tickets. It's only $5 a movie for cryin' out loud. For a few days in advance I prepare by checking the schedule, printing it out and carefully finding movies all in a row with not a lot of lag time in between. I had four movies picked out with only 2-3 minutes between them. Well of course the previews from the first movie threw off my schedule and I was late for the 2nd and 3rd movies. Not too late...just a minute or two, but enough to be super confused for Seven Pounds, which is supposed to be some weird mystery the whole time. And it was, I think, even if you got there on time. So I saw Four Christmases at 2:30, Seven Pounds at 3:55 and Quantum of Solace at 5:55. I was gonna watch The Day the Earth Stood Still at 8:30 but decided against it. REVIEWS: Four Christmases: Predictable. Cute. Funny in some spots. Reece Witherspoon's hair mysteriously gets four inches longer in some scenes and more yellow-y blonde in others...? Seven Pounds: Good. Sad. Not the best movie in the whole world. Quantum of Solace: Daniel Craig is SO SEXY.

Tomorrow I'm having some people over for the entire day and we're gonna have eggs and bak-y for breakfast, paninis for lunch, and chili for dinner. And then we're gonna watch Arrested Development ALL DAY LONG.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Best zit ever


I have to give credit to Kasey for this one. She found it and introduced me to popthatzit.com. (I guess they have zits in other countries too.)

This will haunt me forever. It's in my mouth. My shoulders are tense. I'm gagging. But I can't look away. The fun starts at about 1:45 and never stops.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hibiscus in the winter

My poor little Hibiscus plant. It gets to spend it's whole summer outside in the sun and rain and get really big and bloom and then I tear it from it's favorite spot in the backyard and stick it in my 60 degree home with limited sunshine. It's sitting in a guest room because I can leave the shades open in there. So it's in a corner against two windows. One shade is open and one is shut. The window on the west side of the house is always open, because if the sun decides to shine, it comes around there at about 2pm and shines until it goes down. I don't keep the shade on the window on the north side of the house open because I didn't assume light was coming in.

And then this is what I saw today:

And that's the only bloom on the whole plant. Isn't that cute?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love the new Cure song --

I have always just loved the Cure and I guess I forgot how much. Goosebumps.

And her heart
May be broken
A hundred times
But her heart
Will never destroy
Her hope
The happy ever
After girl
Will one day find
The perfect boy

Who wants to watch the entire Season 2 premiere of the Flight of the Chonchords???


Some more fave Cory NYC photos...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Of the 184,392 photos Cory took on his trip to New York City, this one is my absolute favorite:

I love the angle, the colors in the backpacks, the traditional dress contrasting with new technology, the Hebrew text on the magazine he's reading. Love it all.

(Cory tells me the guy with the blue backpack was wearing black Crocs. I'm convinced now that they have taken over the world.)

Here's a runner-up:

Here he was experimenting with shutter speed...leaving the shutter open longer to capture more light. I love the bright and crisp buildings below and the twinkling lights of the bridges above.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Today somebody asked Murphy what was in his pockets. (He had cargo pants on). And Murphy said "poseys".

Also he is counting counting all the time but what makes it adorable is he always starts with Zero.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008



Do we know how to party or what?  The girls and I get together and knit.  Whoop whoop!

Beata made this hat in one sitting, her first crochet ever:

Kati was havin' a hard time gettin' her knit on:

Hanna's scarf is coming along!

Goodbye, South Africa (again!)

This is my friend from Cape Town. His name is Selwyn and he has been in the States for 6 months working. I met him because he is living in St. Peter, and Cory and his dad had made friends with him, and since I had just been on my vacation to Cape Town I wanted to meet him. I also wanted to introduce him to my other Afrikaan-y friend Beata. (Beata, is that what you are? Afrikaan-y?) So he came to dinner one night and then I also helped him get from the bus station to the airport when he was on his way home. He was part of the District 6 evacuation if you want to google that...a terrible injustice in the 1970's involving non-whites (coloureds in South Africa) and the new white government. Basically the white government told this entire district of people that they had to get out of their homes before a certain date, because it would be bulldozed. And if they weren't out, they were told they would be bulldozed with their home. And then the white government gave the properties to white people. It was prime real estate in the heart of Cape Town, and so as you can imagine was a disgusting and horrible thing to have happen. The new black government in South Africa is trying to make reparations to those who were affected, but it is ten years in the making. Selwyn's poor dad has already died (he was the property owner -- Selwyn was just a young teenager when this happened). But that means that Selwyn will inherit the reparations -- if they ever happen.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Slumber Party

What supplies do you need for a slumber party for a bunch of tween/teen girls?

Me, "Whaddya need?"

Hanna, "Ummm...I don't know..."

Me, "Little Debbies? Skittles? M&M's?"

Hanna, "Yah. Little Debbies. Skittles."

Me, "OK."

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pajama Party

So we are having a blast! Tonight we made smoothies again (with crushed up lactaid inside). And then we got cozy in our pajamas:

And then Miyo went for a bike ride:

My google history

Not sure why I'm sharing, but here are my last google searches:

minneapolis greyhound bus station
toro company minneapolis
scientific calculator
wolf protection agency
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wachovia mortgage
dirty jobs
dirty jobs goat zit
you tube
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the boy with the striped pajamas movie
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anthropologie free shipping
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how to project a photo onto the wall
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how to make a heating pad with rice
kady hexum
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purl stitch knit
you tube
lion brand yarn
lion brand chunky yarn
lion brand chunky light blue yarn

Now you know EVERYTHING about me.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Taste of Momhood

Hanna did homework today from 10:00 this morning to 10:30 tonight! She just finally got off my darn computer so I could post this entry.

I got home at 5:30 and we cooked dinner together and then made strawberry ice cream smoothies and then it was straight upstairs for more homework. We took a short break for facials and while our mask dried we played some Crazy 8 (and I do mean Crazy).

We learned about rates and ratios and fractions and simplifying them, and benefits of terrace farming in Peru and that certain dinosaurs lived on earth for about 160 million years before they went extinct. We wrote an email regarding excercising for at least 2 hours each week for the last 4 weeks, with promises to continue. Phew!

Poor girl. But, she got loads of stuff done and is almost done for midterms tomorrow at noon! Now if only she can sew an original garment real fast...

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