Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hibiscus in the winter

My poor little Hibiscus plant. It gets to spend it's whole summer outside in the sun and rain and get really big and bloom and then I tear it from it's favorite spot in the backyard and stick it in my 60 degree home with limited sunshine. It's sitting in a guest room because I can leave the shades open in there. So it's in a corner against two windows. One shade is open and one is shut. The window on the west side of the house is always open, because if the sun decides to shine, it comes around there at about 2pm and shines until it goes down. I don't keep the shade on the window on the north side of the house open because I didn't assume light was coming in.

And then this is what I saw today:

And that's the only bloom on the whole plant. Isn't that cute?


Anonymous said...

It looks like it's peeking out, like my mom used to do when someone would knock on the door. She would make one of us kids get the door, then she would crouch by the window and see what was going on and hope we would send whoever it was away.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Yes Ben your mom is a lovely flower. You're so sweet.

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