Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Have you ever seen how pineapples grow? It's SO COOL. I suppose I just thought they grew on trees like any good tropical fruit, but then on a trip to Samoa I got to see that they grow right out of the ground.
These pictures are from Ponta del Gada Portugal, where they have a pineapple plantation. Really it was multiple greenhouses with about 2500 plants in each one.
I was ASTOUNDED to learn that it takes 18-24 months for one to grow. Did you know that you can also take the tops off of them, plant them, and then in just 24 short months you'll have a new, mini pineapple that you can eat?
Well you can.

It just feels like they should cost $25 and not $7 because of how long they take?

I mean?

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