Wednesday, December 3, 2008

My google history

Not sure why I'm sharing, but here are my last google searches:

minneapolis greyhound bus station
toro company minneapolis
scientific calculator
wolf protection agency
english to spanish
wachovia mortgage
dirty jobs
dirty jobs goat zit
you tube
national camera exchange minneapolis
the boy with the striped pajamas movie
dakota county mn
anthropologie free shipping
anthropologie coupon
anthropologie minneapolis
benefits of flax seed oil
homeq usres
how to project a photo onto the wall
scrabble help
word scramble game
warm hug corn bags
chico municipal court california
keep in touch burnsville mn
chico municipal court
how to make a heating pad with rice
kady hexum
ambient consulting
joanne fabric coupon
joanne fabric free shipping
purl stitch knit
you tube
lion brand yarn
lion brand chunky yarn
lion brand chunky light blue yarn

Now you know EVERYTHING about me.


Andrea Schweikert said...

ha ha. I love this post. It's always funny to look at your google history. It's like a diary to your soul. OK, maybe not that deep, but fun just the same.

kasey said... can help you with how to spell apropos. Even if you spell it wrong, it will have a "did you mean:" list.

Kelly said...

How much time did it take deleting the porn references?

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