Saturday, September 19, 2009

Reykjavik Iceland

So we are here and we are killing time because our flight arrived at 6:20am and we can´t check into our hostel until 2pm. We dropped our big backpacks off there though and walked to a bus stop and took the bus into town. We walked around for an HOUR trying to find a place to have breakfast. Couldn´t find anything. Finally I had to get out our little tourist map and follow it up to the city center and we ended up finding a place where you could get a sandwich. Every food place we found before that doesn´t open until 11am on Saturdays. Now, is that because everybody stays up late on Friday night and drinks and then sleeps in on Saturdays? Doesn´t anybody want breakfast in the morning? That was weird.

The plane ride over here was about 6 hours. I slept for most of it, but Ross didn´t sleep at all. I offered him my drug cocktail of Adavan + Melatonin but he wouldn´t take it. So I have jetlag but he really has jet lag. Poor thing. For us it is basically 6:30 in the morning right now, but here it is 11:30. We just want to go to SLEEP. After that, we´re going to try and go to the hot springs. Ross just accidentally withdrew way too much money from his account because their $20,000 option (about $200USD) is listed like $20. on the screen, so he thought it meant $20 dollars, but instead it meant their $20,000. They put commas where periods should go and periods where commas should go. Confusing. Also this key board has all kinds of letters that don´t belong on a keyboard and I am trying to avoid them.

I can´t upload photos here, sorry...there are no USB ports to this terminal. So you´ll just have to imagine the awesome photo we got of ourselves at the Minneapolis airport in the Viking thing with the heads cut out and our heads in it.

I was so worried on the plane that the people next to me were going to have to get around me to go to the bathroom that I couldn´t really sleep, and they never did need to go to the bathroom anyways. I said I slept the whole way and I did, but like interrupted weird plane sleeping. So like I said, I´m tired. This post might not make much sense.

We saw a cute little old man on his bike, who had a mean growl on his face, and so I smiled really big to cheer him up and instead, he just stared at me the entire way by, me smiling, him growling.

Another little old lady wouldn´t smile either. What´s up with that?


Anonymous said...

Iceland doesn't deserve you guys.
Aaron and Paula

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Ross, take hugs not drugs! They didn't smile because they had no teeth. Just a thought. Love, Jacqui

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