Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh Stockholm, I wish you were MY holm.

We arrived this morning via flight to Stockholm, and our only task for the day was to find and book the Viking line ferry from Stockholm to Helsinki and a return trip. We figured this might take a few hours because who knows where the Viking line even is, right? So as soon as we got off the plane and got our bags, we asked at the ticket counter and the man said to go upstairs. Well, we did. And there it was. The Viking Line Office. So we booked a C Class cabin on the way there tonight (includes our own bathroom) and a B Class cabin on the way back (C class was sold out) for Saturday night. I'm probably going to get claustrophobic again in the tiny cabin that is below the water level and so does not have a window. We got the cruise for about $200 per person and that's round trip, includes breakfast and two nights sleep. 
This gives us 2.5 days in Helsinki and Tallin and one day in Stockholm after today. We went to the Midievel museum today and it was kind of boring because its being moved and the new one doesnt open until 2010. So that was a bust, but I did get to learn a little bit about how the people constructed the town when it was first built and that was interesting. They used to kill about 7 people a year in Stockholm for murder, theft of items more than 1 mark, and defamation of character. I was surprised it was only 7 people per year. 
So then I bought another cap!!! Exactly the same as my two lost caps, but plaid. We'll see how long this one lasts. :) Also I bought a USB port, so if I find an internet cafe that has a USB port that I can use, I'll upload more photos. That's why I haven't blogged about the hike up to Preikestolen yet, because I want to include the photos.

I received confirmation that as of today the memory stick is on its way to Oslo, and then Inge Bjart has promised to forward it to me in Minneapolis. YAY!!!

We shopped and shopped in Old Town, and I got something for Miles. Officially if your name is on this list, you're getting a prezzie:
That's it so far and I feel bad.

Ross feels even worser, because NOBODY is getting anything from him. NOBODY. (Just kidding, he bought lots of stuff and you're all getting AWESOME STUFF!!) Just kidding. He's trying, but stay tuned. Things are becoming more and more affordable so you just might get lucky!! This is me typing this, and Ross just said that is not what he would have said, but it's fine. I think he might hate me.
Oh p.s. Sweden is cheaper!! We filled our tummies today. With tacos that were delicious and had cucumbers in them. I got a burrito, chips and an apple juice for $8. I'm happy to report that the beer comes cheaper here too. Where in Norway, the cheapest beer ANYWHERE was $10, I found one here in Old Town for $5, but didn't buy it because it's only like 1pm. When we got to the airport we almost high-fived, but Ross wouldn't do it, he left me was because I saw some stuff for $2, like nuts and stuff, and there is NOTHING in Norway that costs $2. And Ross is too cool for high-fiving apparently. But he did give me a knowing look.
We bought a bunch of groceries just now and have bananas, granola, crackers and cheese plus an hour of internet for just over $20. That's what just internet costs in Norway.

OK so, off to the Viking ship (I hope we dont have to row...AHAAAAHAAAA!!!HAA!HA!!!) and an overnight cruise to Helsinki. They call it the party boat, I'll letcha know if that is the case. We hope to meet Veera and Minea in Helsinki and hang out with them for the day...

I will post more later. Bye!!


Shawn said...

Perhaps a play on the banners that say: "If you lived here you'd be home by now"?

"If I lived here I'd be Stockhome by now."?

I know, not much better. I'm working my best for ya as a fellow punning blogger.

The funny punner said...

If you need a vacation, just Stockholm.

Cool Guy said...

Thanks for the present Ross. Although we have just met, I can see you are a true caring, thoughtful, cool person. Don't let that crazy woman change you. SOLID Brother, No High FIVES PLEASE. Knucks or low fives or a good pat on the Keister. I you have to high five, A very slow two handed medium high with smoothness and coolness followed by a slow nondeep hug or slight chest bump is best.--cool Guy

Cory the Red said...

Actually, I need size 12-12.5us because of the beautiful Wool socks you are buying me will need the extra room. Thanks.

prettiest sister said...

Kady you're not even getting jph a chocolate or something????

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