Sunday, June 28, 2009

Cascade Bay

Today I woke up and ran 5 miles! and then went to pick up Murphy. We went straight to Cascade Bay, a water park in Eagan. It's only about a mile from Murphy's house. He has a season pass, and his care-giver gets in free. So we didn't have to pay or anything, we just went in. We went straight for the kiddie pool and Murphy was so excited. He kept saying "Lazy River Water Slide?" and I'm like, "heck yes lazy river water slide!" He is tricky at the water park because he can run 9 times faster than me, plus I'm embarrassed of jiggling my swimming suit body past all the people, so I try to run modestly which makes me even slower. But we had so much fun.
He loves to splash, and I love to float, so we just hung out in one corner of the huge pool and chilled for a really long time. And of course we went down the lazy river water slide about a thousand times. Murphy would get out of the tube, and RUN up to the slide, and I would huff and puff up there, and I could hear the lifeguard saying, "do you have a tube buddy? you need a tube..." and I'd scream "RIGHT HERE! I'M COMING!" and huff and wheeze around the corner. And then we'd WHOOSH down the slide and do it over and over and over again. Finally I got him to WAIT for me going up the stairs. It was so fun to float and float on the tube and Murphy had fun splashing and running along as I floated.

There was a poor lady there who was a tad bit overweight and I could tell by how she was walking that she was self-conscious, and she had a see-through section in the back of her suit. Right by her butt crack. Completely see-through. She was with friends, too. Nice friends.
Murphy is so tan! I got completely sunburned, even though I used spray-on sunblock SPF 30. I guess it wore off. Ouch. I hate sunburns. They make me feel so stupid.

After the water park we rode 7 miles on the tandem bike. It was fun. And then I brought him home and hung out at Kasey's for a little while.
I'm so tired. And tomorrow at work is going to be crappy because it's the end of the month.
The end.

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