Tuesday, April 22, 2014

And Just Like That, It's Spring

It snowed three inches on Wednesday of last week. And everybody in Minneapolis is like, SO over snow let me tell you. So when I woke up Sunday morning to the view of my across-the-street neighbors having coffee and reading magazines on their front porch and the sun was out and even their indoor cats were outside, I thought I might still be dreaming. I made a cup and joined them and that started the most glorious outside day ever. Seventy degrees!

I peeped the party and invited myself. What a stalker.

Sal's a little fat. Don't judge.

Barefoot Skateboarding!? Well of course! It's Spring!

Summer and Shash and I went for a lovely walk in our Old Lady hats (the sun was out, and, you know). All of the neighbors in the whole neighborhood were outside! And they all waved back when I waved at them! It was so wonderful! We met another (unfortunately we forgot to memo her on the hat rule) friend at The Blue Door on 35th and 42nd. Our entire bill was $14.12 for an order of cajun tots and six pints of beer. Best Happy Hour in Minneapolis.

After that I got a massage and then we all met back at the across-the-street neighbors for the first of many, many backyard fires of the year. Good LORD that was a long winter.

The end. 


Josette said...

Ahh, nice. Wish I lived on your side of the tracks!

Laura said...

I better get a hat!

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