Monday, May 25, 2015

Shashage Links

Recognize anybody here? 

I thought these flyers were funny.

Sheesh! How can you even listen to any of them?

I am so in love with this designer. Why oh why am I building a house instead of buying her clothes?

We can all learn a think or two about food waste from France.

Good LORD Hollywood. I would probably never date a 55-year-old in real life. I'm sure that's hilarious to all of you since I haven't dated ANYONE in over five years...but seriously.

Here's your version of hell based on your personality type. (ESFP for me)

Here's why you're still single based on your personality type. (I'm going with ESFJ on this one)

Here's what you most need on a bad day based on your personality type. (ESFP again)

Here's how to figure out your personality type.

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