Thursday, October 8, 2015

Road Rage

The Virginia Piper Cancer Institute' s Department of Radiation Oncology is located on the south side of busy three-lane one-way 26th Street in Minneapolis, Minnesota. And if you're not careful and don't start changing lanes to get over to the south side well in advance, you could miss the parking lot, which is in the middle of a block just shortly after a stoplighted intersection. See what I mean?

Good old irritating 26th...

I had to bring my mom to radiation in the mornings, and that meant I was also usually late for work.

One morning, I forgot to get over to the left side of the road before the intersection and found myself stuck in a situation not unlike the photo above. I was going to miss that parking lot if I didn't hurry up and rudely cut a bunch of people off to get over.

I waved my hand out of my window and moved over one lane, and attempted to move over another lane. I had to get in front of a white van and when I was in the middle of doing so, he was like, ""

"I'M TAKING MY MOM TO RADIATION"! I screamed out the window. Take that. White van man. Cancer. Boom.

Kady playing-the-cancer-card-as-often-as-possible Hexum

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