Monday, January 19, 2015

Makin' Lefse

About a year ago some of the girls in my family got together with my mom to make Lefse. I was going to write about it and do a "how to" but then I forgot and so I'll do my best to remember all the steps...

First you make your mom mix some potatoes and stuff in a bowl with her bare hands:

Then you make her mash it some more:

Then you make her roll the potato mixture into cute little balls:

Then you make her use a bunch of flour so it doesn't stick and then roll out the little balls into flat pancake-y things:

And then you make her start fryin' 'em up:

She uses a special stick to flip 'em and roll 'em off the griddle:

Pretty good, but you don't want all them holes:

You get the nieces involved:

Kelly will usually selfishly start eating before all of the work is done:

Look at those gorgeous lefses!!

I don't know who made these ugly ones, but it wasn't me (it was probably Kelly):

And then you play cards:

1 comment:

Chris said...

I love your family, I love lefsa and I love that game!

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