Thursday, April 18, 2013


Remember my friend's relative who thought "LOL" meant, "Lots of Love", and sent out an email to the family that said, "Grandma died. LOL"?

I had a similar moment today. One of the owners of the company who sponsors my MS150 team recently posted an article on his Facebook page about one of the other owners of his company. She was featured on in an article and he posted a link to the article with the caption: 

"Nancy FTW!"

I was so shocked and confused because I was always under the impression that "FTW" meant: 

"[bad word] The World"

But, why would he caption it that? It was a business posting. I couldn't wrap my brain around it and so I googled "what does FTW mean?".

"For The Win", Kady. It means "For the Win".

Any idea how many people I prudishly judged harshly for using that terminology? One million, that's how many. This idiot: so offended anytime somebody was mentioning a "Win" in their lives.

Kady Stupid.


Josette said...

I want to read it as "for what it's worth" then realize that can't be it, then get annoyed and quickly move along.

Brutalism said...

It took me a long time to get what that meant, too. And now that I know, I still read it as "eff the world".

Sarah said...

Did you see the Modern Family episode where Phil thinks WTF means "with the family" Funny.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

haha yes

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

...except it was "Why the Face?"


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