Thursday, October 24, 2013

Shash-age Links

Photos! Marathons! My favorite things. 30 Amazing Ways People Crossed the Finish Line at the Twin Cities Marathon.

My whole life my dad was worried about getting laid off from Boise paper mill. Well three years after his retirement, they finally did a major and devastating job cut. Photos of my hometown and the devastating job loss here.

My friend Matt Rasmussen from high school is a finalist for the 2013 National Book Award for poetry for his book Black Aperture. Crazy!

The Minneapolis dating scene. What a junk article. My best friend Summer's brilliant counterpoint article here. Haha, huh?

Guh. I love it when gigantic movies choose a lead role from the general populace. Of immigrants. In MINNEAPOLIS.

Speaking of Minneapolis...a list of reasons why it's awesome here. (For me it's #1 on every list, of course.)

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