Friday, May 23, 2014

Dumb-Dumb Bike Rider

I know you all love a great Kady-trying-to-bike-to-work story:

Today I rode my bike in to work for the first time this year. It was pretty much the first really nice day and that is how fair-weather (haha, the use of fair-weather is actually literal in this context) my biking to work has to be. Sue me.

I didn’t get lost and that was a plus. BUT: I did leave the zipper bag open on my pack and somewhere along the way I lost the following items:
  • My car key (one of those $500 ones, of course, and not the scratched up dented one I've been using all year, but the nice new perfect one)
  • My house keys with a gorgeous JW Hulme leather fob my good friend Heather made
  • CoverGirl Mascara (irreplaceable!)
  • Key card access for work (what a hassle they made outta gettin' that thing replaced. Jeez!)
  • Make-up powder brush
  • I don’t know what else, that’s just what I think I’m missing

THEN, I took a shower in the 2nd floor locker room at my building and was all the way done when I realized I had no TOWEL. I had to walk bare naked from the locker room out into the connected 2nd floor Women's bathroom and pray nobody came in while I waved my hand in front of an automatic paper towel dispenser frantically trying to get enough paper to dry my entire body and my HAIR, while it dispensed only just a small chunk at at time, ten thousand times.


Chris said...

Bad day. I had one when I went to get my teeth cleaned on Tuesday. And it isn't over yet.

Rachel said...

Had a day last week where every bathroom I ended up in was missing toilet paper. You'd think I'd start to CHECK for it before going but... alas my memory is short.

Unknown said...

If you want some help backtracking you steps to find your stuff I volunteer.

Unknown said...

That was me - Jim C

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