Thursday, October 16, 2014

Cherry and Spoon

A famous Minneapolis landmark and a place I take all my visitors to see is the "Cherry and the Spoon", a fountain located at the Walker Art Center Sculpture Garden. You might see it when you Google 'Minneapolis'. It's kind of cute and kitschy and please come visit me and I'll take you there too!

Anyway, my mom is in town for some doctoring and so after we spent the morning of what was probably the last lovely day inside canning tomatoes we had to get out and so I took her on the same little Minneapolis tour that all my Couchsurfers get. I told her about how my sister Kelly took her husband Mike there when they were dating and it was night time and it said, "don't climb on the sculpture" but they were like "let's climb on the sculpture!" but they were across the pond from it -- only the pond looked a lot like cement because it was late late at night and it was very still. So they started to run across the cement to climb on the sculpture but never got to because they fell in the pond and it served them right.  

See? It's pretty cool. Anyway, people like to take selfies there, or photos of themselves trying to hold the spoon in a periphery shot, ala the Leaning Tower of Pisa. 

It's nerdy.

Anyway my mom and I tried to selfie it up at my insistence of course. The sun was in our eyes and the double was on our chins but so what? I love her.


1 comment:

DB Stewart said...

You always make me laugh. Keep your chins up.

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