Monday, October 20, 2014

Photo Shoot - Starring ME!

Last summer, my ol' pal Brent asked me to participate in a photography project. 

I really can't believe I haven't yet linked to his post about it, since it's all about my favorite subject (ME ME ME). Well, here you go. Original link here at his blog, The Speckled Record. He writes about lots of things, including his previous work for the Peace Corps and currently at the American Refugee Commission...and that one time when he made me hold hands with a bunch of strangers on a whim:

Kady with Others 060713 7
If you have a friend who you know loves meeting new people, a ‘yes’ person, a friend who will disregard decorum for a good story, and if this friend is meeting you for a Thursday afternoon happy hour, then I suggest you scrap your bar chatting plans for something else entirely.
My friend, Kady Hexum, is easily one of the most outgoing people on the planet. And earlier this summer I suggested that we change our happy hour plans and meet near a park. There we would introduce ourselves to strangers so that I could take pictures of her holding hands with them. What you are looking at now are the results.
Kady Hexum with Others 060713 110
It isn’t actually too hard to ask people to hold hands with your friend. It helps that Kady is beautiful, kind, and can make almost anyone laugh (see first photo). Most people were totally down. We asked around 20 folks, and only one person said no. I mean, I think he said no.  He slurred something in a fake accent, gave us the crazy eyes, and speed-walked away. (Note: this is an excellent way to get rid of people on the street.)
Most people smiled, mentioned something about their artist family member, and asked me where to stand.
Kady Hexum with Others 060713 96
You really ought to check out Kady’s blog. She’s hysterical. The perfect kind of friend to drag along into perfectly uncomfortable afternoons.
Kady Hexum with Others 060713 38
Kady Hexum with Others 060713 62
Kady Hexum with Others 060713 104
Kady Hexum with Others 060713 122
Kady Hexum with Others 060713 137
Kady Hexum with Others 060713 145


Anonymous said...

Roxie said..

I love this idea and photo shoot. I just hope you washed your hands when you were through.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

I think I dipped it in bleach and then cut it off, actually.

You can never be too careful.

Anonymous said...

Oh my god you Crack me up-jeanell from. Nicaragua

Sarah said...

I really like those pants. Not "like" like I would wear them. "Like" that you wore them.

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