Thursday, November 5, 2009

Argen - TINA!!

I just made another connection in Buenos Aires, thank you very much Shawn! Jessica will be picking me up at my hotel on Monday and showing me the city until we meet up with Brett at 6pm. Then it's Tuesday at leisure, hopefully with Jessica as my guide and off to Santiago, Chile. So I really dont have to do any planning. For my trip that I'm going on next week. Yet. I still have a couple free days in Chile I need to fill...eek!  I'm just going to meet people. That's my un-planned plan.

Now, if I can't get my roots dyed and hair cut on Saturday the jig is up. You can't invite yourself places and make new friends if your hair looks like crap.

Travel Rule number 47, right?

I break it on every trip. Here's proof:

South Africa:




International Falls:

New York City:


1 comment:

norwhales are the new unicorn said...

Honestly your hair looks fine in all those pictures! Wow I forget what I looked like as a brunette - can I get those NYC pics from you?

Also, I think the couple in my hall is coming to Art Attack tonight - he's from Santiago. If they show you might find the chilean hookup you need!

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