Saturday, November 7, 2009

Procrastinating, again

Once again, I should be packing, and I'm...on facebook.
I'm going to go take a walk.

I'm getting my hair done at 7 and after that I'm going to my friend Nancy's art show at the Northrup King Building. I fly out early tomorrow morning, so really I need to finish packing before 7. Right now it's 3:42. If I go for a walk, that will take an hour and then I only have 2 hours to pack. That sounds about right, to do all my laundry, tie 100 little gifts to my little cards, figure out two weeks worth of summer outfits complete with shoes, jewelry, underwear, etc? Right?

I think I work best under pressure.

So, here's what all the lucky people I meet are going to get. These are for the kiddies:

Stickers! Motion stickers!

And the adults will get 2010 planners, courtesy of the $1.00 aisle at Target. I am attaching a contact card to each item, you can see it here on the left. Matt Rector designed them for me, and I love them!! I think they kind of look a little like a Band-Aid, so I bought some Band-Aids to give out also. Now who doesn't need a motion sticker, a Band-Aid, or a 2010 Planner? I think I'm going to win a prize for best swag gifts.

1 comment:

spandex wearers have said...

I could use the Hello Kitty band aids for my slight abrasions that seem a little infected. It's the hair that carries the bacteria and keeps the wound infected. Hence the shaving of the die hard biker who plans on road rash.

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