Friday, November 27, 2009

Hal. Again

My dad can never get anybody's name right. It's a problem. He used to call the store where I worked "Green Briar". The actual name? "Sweet Clover."

So here are some doozies from this weekend so far:

"Murph!...Sally!" (Miles)

"Tina!" (Miyo)

"Methuselah!" (Miyo)

"T-Shirts 'n' Muffins" (On Cue, another store where I worked)


Anonymous said...

I'll never forget him calling Willow Minnow. I loved that. Love, Jacqui

Me, who doesn't live here anymore said...

"You guys think it's all fun and sunshine," he pauses and looks at me guiltily... "oh, sorry... no offense, Sunshine."
"It's ok; that's not my name"

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