Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cleaning up the front closet

So for some reason when the man who brings the phone books by, I don't immediately recycle them like a reasonable person. Instead I throw them in a pile up on the shelf in my front closet. Tonight, at Summer's behest, I took them all down and brought them out for recycling. Here are SEVEN years' worth of Minneapolis/St. Paul phone books. I brought one of them down, ONCE, to look up a phone number. It was my dad's cousin, Selvyn Meland of Lakeville. We found his home number. Other than that these books have been completely useless to me in the past.

And then I found a NorthFace coat that I insisted Summer use while reading meters outside. Right now she's using her dad's unwarm sweatshirt to walk 9 miles per day in 20 below weather. She tried it on. With the neon green vest. We decided it makes her look like a morbidly obese sumo wrestler and then the bright idea to sit on the pile of discarded useless phone books naturally came up.

"Does this coat make me look fat?"


prettiest sister said...

I think she should wear those pajama pants also they are like the icing on the cake.

Anonymous said...

It makes her look warm. Love, Jacqui

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