Sunday, December 6, 2009

This makes me Miss my Mom

This is my mom's fantastic easy breakfast. Do yourself a huge favor and make this immediately:

Start a fry pan going with some olive oil and saute:

Whatever other veggies you want, just start the carrots first, they take the longest. You can get them started while you chop all the rest up.

In that order, and when it's all sort of nice and sauteed, cover completely with lots of fresh spinach. Then crack four to six eggs on top of the spinach layer and spread fresh chopped parsley on top of that. Cover and fry on low for around 10 minutes~ish (or until the eggs are cooked.)

That's the vegetarian version...she makes it with deer sausage on the very bottom, which is fantastic but I don't have any deer sausage because my mom and dad forgot to SHARE some with me. Hint Hint.


Nancy morris said...

this is now my favorite as well! thank you Dianne H

prettiest sister said...

This is also my favorite breakfast of moms, and she invented it, it's genious. I also love her omlets with her sauteed zucchini's and red onions in them.

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