Friday, June 10, 2011

Sacramento del Colonia, Uruguay

While in Buenos Aires, I spent $100 to get one more stamp in my passport.  Well, four if you count in-and-out of one and in-and-out of the other.  URUGUAY.  Day trips from Buenos Aires to Colonia are common for ex-pats and foreigners who have to leave the country every 90 days.  Buquebus company has figured this out and provides a really nice ferry service for about $98 US return.  Well, I think it's really nice.  I slept the entire one-hour trip both ways. 

When I arrived, I went to the bathroom, (just me and the cleaning lady which is always fun) picked up a map and started walking.  The first place I ended up was some sort of old fort with a broken down wall and some fake cannons where I took some pictures, blah blah blah.

I walked around some more, got some lunch and then rented a scooter.  It was a fun, lonely day.

This is a picture of how disgusting I am.  I sat down in the ferry terminal at this dirty table with my overpriced croissant and gross expensive coffee, and I saw on one of these trays, another uneaten croissant that somebody didn't want.  So I ate it.

I creepily took this photo without the people knowing.

Colonia is utterly filled with sweet vintage cars.

So: all alone on a fun, lonely day in a totally gorgeous picturesque location, what's a girl to do?  Set the timer and take some self portraits, of course!

Scootin' around

Some more sweet vintage cars
Discoveries on the scooter


Mom said...

I love the last pic of the scooters together watching the fabulous trees. It seems just as romantic as the bench with the sweethearts watching the ocean.

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Ha! I made that couple take a picture of me watching the ocean, and it was kind of pathetic.

As was the photo of just my scooter.

Mom said...

Maybe Cars 2 will cheer you up...

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