Thursday, July 18, 2013

Now That's Good Auntie-ing

Little Miyo, Puddin 'N Pie. Said my truck was "old fashioned". And then she only ate two bites of her $8.00 Cherryberry Frozen Yogurt Sundae. Back in the olden days she'd a been cruisin' for a bruisin'. But today is 2013 and you can't physically harm a child legally, so...

...Instead I made her carry all of my Bed Bath and Beyond purchases (I bought an over-door shoe holder for my shoes and also a fan! since my apartment has no A/C. And some Barkeeper's Friend because, well, you know.) And I wouldn't help her. Not for the entire quarter-mile walk back to Ol' Blue across the world's largest Urban Sprawl parking lot. (I also bought her a book -- James and the Giant Peach -- at Barnes and Noble and since she had no space to carry it I shoved it down her shorts.)

That'll learn her!

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