Monday, December 16, 2013

Shash-age Links

HAHA Glamour Shots. (Thanks, Chris.)

I love the Onion. Oh man I love the Onion so much. Here are two articles that cracked me up enough this week to actually share them on my Facebook wall.

I wonder if anybody will ever love me like this.

Haha this guy totally fake-interpreted Nelson Mandela's funeral. I am very sorry for any deaf people who tried to watch the service and couldn't understand, but it's SO funny how when you watch him, he's totally using the same five signs the entire time. Even I can see that. It's so hilarious to me. And his straight face! And now he's saying he's schizophrenic and had an episode on stage? And not it's being reported that he was involved in a mob killing of a man who stole a television? It's too much.

I love reading articles from people who have done long term travel. Ditto to this guy's list of things he learned while traveling.

I'm really proud of  my CRAZY nephew Miles. He's going to jump in a frozen lake on January 25th to support his brother Murphy and the Special Olympics! Click here to donate.



DB Stewart said...

Loved this like fudge made with Baileys! Had to tweet it.

Chris said...

Your welcome. The traveling guy was interesting. Didn't like when the guy threw his baby.

zee olsens said...

omgosh How to fight a baby had me DYING. I will be stealing and sharing on fb. Loved loved loved. Come over soon and try those moves out yo!

beth said...

Loved it!...especially when he blows on the baby's face...that totally kicked his ass.

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