Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mom Genes

Announcing the very happy news that my mom does not carry the Angelina Jolie "breast cancer gene" (and therefore probably neither do I) with more screen grabs from our mass-text-omy:

She has decided to have a lumpectomy, which should happen very soon. Then she has to wait four weeks to recover and then goes straight into 16 weeks of chemotherapy. One day on, thirteen days off. Eight sessions total, two different drugs, four times each. After that, recovery and then seven weeks of radiation. Five days a week. 

Bright side? In just 29 short weeks it will all be over. (That was sarcasm.)

This blows.

You know - if you or somebody you love had breast cancer and I didn't show the appropriate amount of concern by making you a casserole and covering for you at work and knitting you a scarf I'm very sorry. 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Roxie said...

1. Best Wishes for your Mom.

2. Sorry you're not related to
Angelina Jolie by the Gene.

3. Best Wishes to your Dad.. I
fear he will fare worse than
your mom. ☺

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