Thursday, August 13, 2015

Farm Sink Project

I knew that I wanted a farm sink in my new house because I just love porcelain and that drain board they have and I love the vintage-y look of them.

SO I went on craigslist and started digging around but they all want $500 and they're just gross and they're in Milwaukee.

And then my brother-in-law surprised me with a free one from his garage! I was so excited! And then I found out my sister really wanted it and he gave it to me instead and so there was that whole mess and I felt bad but not that bad because look!

It was really gross but oh well.

I wanted to paint the cabinet a 50's vintage color and here was some inspiration colors:

And then I found out about a hip-hop store in uptown that sells graffiti spray paint. I marched in there like a proper graffiti artist and bought six cans of this color and then told them I was about to go tag the town.

With my name, only the Y would have an arrow on it.

I thought I was so funny. 

They didn't.

It's so hard to take a picture of color, huh? But it's SO CUTE you guys! p.s. I didn't do the work. My worker did the work. I don't mean to take credit.

I color matched it and painted the wall too! LOOK HOW CUTE!!!

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