Thursday, August 20, 2015

They Grow Up So Fast

Providing transportation to and from my mom's appointments was difficult, especially during her seven weeks of radiation. every. single. day. If her appointments were right away in the morning, I could take her, but some days they were late morning and some days she had to see the oncologist and her appointments went pretty late, after I needed to be at work. We didn't want her riding the bus, because she would have to walk several blocks on both ends through neighborhoods that scare people from towns of 150 people like my mom (plus she sometimes needed a cane and COULDN'T walk more than like two blocks). And taking a cab would be WAAAAAAAAY to expensive.
Some days I rode my bike to work and gave her my car. But then my mom got approval from the State for a service called Metro Mobility -- it provides inexpensive rides to people who are disabled permanently or temporarily, or unable to drive for whatever reason. Metro Mobility was so great! They picked my mom up and dropped her right at the hospital. And then picked her right back up and dropped her right back off again, for only $3 each way. Door-to-door service!
I forced her to take some "first day of school" pictures, and ain't she cute!

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