Friday, September 19, 2008


I talked to Mineska today! She is the girl who I'll be staying with in Cape Town. For a mere $1.69 per minute from my cell phone, she explained to me that she is excited that I'm coming to Cape Town and that she has already planned a welcome party, and that she wants to take me out Salsa dancing. Current mood: EXCITED.

Apparently we can "hire a car" (say this in your best South Eff'rican accent) and go on our own Safari if we want to! Not sure how I feel about that. I'm picturing the car stalling, and Mineska trying to start it, and it not starting, probably because the steering wheel is on the wrong side, and then the lion clawing and clawing and clawing at the windows until finally he satisfies his insatiable hunger by eating blonde girl blood.

Oh, and Beata tells me that Mineska is an amazing cook and is planning on cooking for me the whole time. YAY! I like eating!

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