Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well here I am NOT packing again.
I went for coffee with Alason...vacuumed the floors...did the dishes from last night...cleaned up in general...all important tasks, but mainly just a diversion from the most important one: Pack.

Why am I so overwhelmed by the idea? I only wear about 5 outfits in my life anyway. Why not just throw those 5 outfits into my suitcase and call it a day? To be fair to myself, and I am all about being fair to myself, I only have 6 items left on my to do list:

1. Buy an adapter and converter for all my electronics.
2. Go to Target and load up on travel sized stuff, toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, etc.
3. Make a list for the house sitter (how the TV works, how the fireplace works, emergency nubmers, etc.
4. Clean bedroom.
5. Wash sheets for house sitter.
6. Pack.

And that's down from 24 items! To be fair again, some of the 24 were junk items like:
item 8 (Monday): "9pm movie"
item 12 (Tuesday): "what suitcases?"
item 10 (Wednesday): "10pm Project Runway"

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