Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Instead of packing right now, I'm updating my blog and watching Project Runway out of the corner of my eye.
I leave very early on Sunday morning. I'm having a party at my house on Friday night and so that leaves Thursday night to set up and clean for the party, and Saturday to clean up after the party and shop and pack for a two-and-a-half week trip. I have been throwing trip "maybe's" into a pile in my room. This pile includes my backpack, a pair of tennis shoes, my passport, a chap stick and my book about Cape Town. I guess those are the trip "have-to-have's" my "maybe's" are more like this shirt, that skirt, etc. The pile is HUGE. I will definitely have to edit, which is a Project Runway term which I think means to remove the extra ruffles you put on the sleeves of your dress because they are UGLY.

OMG Leann just stole Suede's model. What a backstabber! But, I cannot STAND Suede and his talking in third person. It's one of my worst pet peeves, and I only do it when ABSOLUTELY necessary, which is very very very rarely. Kady does not like third person speaking. Period.

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