Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Back to work

So, I took four days off. Going back to work today was like waking up from a nap on the way to International Falls and realizing you're only in Forest Lake.

Is that a good analogy?

Not sure. (I just went to International Falls though, so any analogies today or for the next week might include a reference to my home town.) Anyways, I worked until 9:30 tonight, and was STARVING for dinner. I decided, since I have NO groceries, to stop at Noodles on the way home. A luxury I haven't experienced for about a year. I got pretty excited about the mushroom/chicken stroganoff, but almost started crying when I finally got through the detour in Bloomington and saw that all the lights were out as I pulled into the parking lot. But then I saw that Chipotle was open! I parked, grabbed my purse, and then remembered that I forgot my wallet today. I did start crying this time. Looked through every pocket of my purse, the glove box, the nooks and crannies of my car hoping for a check book, a spare credit card, anything. Nothing.

So I started home, but couldn't get back on the freeway because of construction and so went side-streetin' the whole way home. As I drove by Kowalski's on Chicago and 50something'th, I thought, "I should get some groceries, because I'm so hungry, and there's no food in the house." Again, pulling into the lot, parking the car, and again, realizing, FOR THE SECOND TIME, that I had no wallet.

Cry again.
Drive home.
Make an egg burrito.

(That weird orange thing on the egg burrito is an orange bell pepper. The ripped off part was the hard crunchy part of a stale tortilla you have to rip off. I had to tear all the mold off of the cheese also.)


Anonymous said...

I have done this several times before - it is so frustrating. I also do a similiar thing when the power goes out - I keep trying to do activities that require power (everything) and then can't figure out why it doesn't work then say "oh well, I will just watch a movie I guess" and the process starts over

Anonymous said...

Oops - the above post was from me - k8 - one of these days I will actually set up an account and not be a stalker follower of your blog..

A Lady Reveals Nothing said...

Ha ha ha!!!

anna said...

The eggs look nice and runny. Good job on the over easy.

Flaggy said...

So, how many times have you ever found a "spare credit card" anywhere? You have an illness.

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