Saturday, July 25, 2009

The reason I will never do another Triathlon

Attention anybody that swims in Lake Nokomis:
Watch out for your toes. Cory caught this monster Tiger Muskie the other morning. The reason there is a strange man in the photos is because Cory wasn't expecting to catch a Muskie and it was his first one.  He had heard that they are very fragile fish and he didn't want to kill it. So he brought it up to the beach, and then handed me the reel and then ran down the beach to get this guy, who had been fly fishing for Muskie. The guy jumped in the water and got it unhooked and then held it up. I took a million pictures. Then the guy goes, "want your picture with the fish"? and Cory was like, "nah", and then the guy was like "GET IN HERE!" so Cory whipped off his shoes and socks and jumped in the water, but it was very awkward and slimy and hard to hand the fish over and it was heavy and so then they just took a group photo.

It was all pretty exciting. Luckily, the fish didn't tear back into the water, leaving me to waterski behind it as I had expected when Cory ran to get the other guy.

I didn't catch nuttin'.

The man in this photo is me.

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