Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Little Miyo Puddin' Pie

My mom and dad have a loft in their cabin and it's pretty darn dangerous for the kids. There is just a ladder, and it's pretty steep. When you're upstairs, it's a huge hole in the floor and it's hard to get up and down. (p.s. I'm sort of worried about it, because my parents aren't getting any younger...)

Miyo and I went up there, and we were laying on the bed, on our stomachs, feet cutely kicking the air, looking at stuff. I said, "I see an ALARM CLOCK!!!" and she said, "I see a LAMP!", etc etc. Then I said "I see a SUITCASE", and she said, "Yah, a soup-a-case".

And then I got bored of that stupid game and started to go downstairs, and Miyo said,


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