Sunday, August 30, 2009

I love my neighbors

The other day I hung all my clothes on the line at the neighbors' (she lets me use her line), and left to take my nephews to the State Fair*. I didn't get home until about 11pm. I remembered the clothes as I was pulling up to my garage, and was frustrated because I had Murphy with me and planned to put him straight to bed. And now I was going to have to send a half-asleep seven year old into my house and take clothes off the line, all while hoping that he wouldn't decide to come outside and start playing. Well, the clothes were off the line, folded, and in a basket waiting for me. Also, my front sidewalk had been completely trimmed up of all the skraggly grass that grows almost halfway across it. It's now perfectly manicured. They are so awesome. This is the same guy who takes care of my snow all winter long, cleans out my gutters twice a year, and took down an ugly old fence on my property.

*State Fair was fun...we saw all the familiar sights:

Goth kids
Fighting couples
Face painting
Girls in impossibly tall heels
Toothless ride operators
Little girls with spray-painted pink hair
$2.50 bottled water
Pregnant teens

I talked to a woman while waiting in line for my $5 pizza slice at Blue Moon (fantastic flatbread pizza, and a pretty good value, it was about a foot long in the shape of a triangle) and she said that her friends make bingo cards and play the "People Watching Game" and set up all the kinds of people you might see and then play bingo all day.

Back to paragraph: Anyways, great neighbors.


Anonymous said...

Never move! Awesome neighbors are hard to come by. I have great ones but they don't fold my laundry, but I don't blame them, have you seen my laundry? Love, Jacqui

Lena said...

what a sweet neighbor! cherish that!! Awww, i do miss people watching at the fair. thats why i went.

prettiest sister said...

Did you go buy them a bottle of wine or something?

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