Thursday, August 27, 2009

Our old Outhouse

When we were little, our cabin got a brand new outhouse. We drove it down the road on a trailer, and, judging by this photo, I was 6 (this is the haircut I had in 1st grade). I exclaimed, "this crazy house has windows in the seat!"

It was so exciting!

So in May, when all of us kids went up for a little reunion, we drove up to the old cabin and trespassed on the new owner's property and took this photo for nostalgia's sake:

I guess we really didn't want to go inside. GROSS!!!


Kim said...

Make sure you copy and paste this to Growing Up Hexum, too.

Ahhh, the memories. I LOVE Kelly plugging her nose in the top picture. I think it's Kelly.

Mom said...

OMG!!! Keri, Kelly and Kasey look like they are scrunching.

prettiest sister said...

I never thought of that it does look like we are scrunching. Too bad we didn't remember to plug our noses and hold up toilet paper in the current picture for nostalgia's sake.

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