Friday, February 25, 2011

I Think I Might Have Scared This Man

You really get to see amazing sights in Costa Rica.  A monkey swinging overhead in the trees.  Five people on one scooter.  Oxen yoked together pulling a cart of watermelon for sale.  Once Nicole saw a man riding in the engine of a car.  No joke. 

Yep.  Amazing sights.  You may be eating rice and beans at a family-owned restaurant in a small town in the middle of nowhere, and a local man walks in wearing a Minnesota Vikings jersey.  And then you run at him screaming,  "That's my state!  That's my team!  I am from Minnesota!"  Then he crouches down and puts his arms over his head to protect himself from your flailing arms.  And then you run and get your camera and run at him again.

Can you see the fear in his eyes as I GRAB his arm and point it at the camera?  Look at my crazy eyes.

After the attack, he sat right next to me at the lunch counter and ate his rice and beans and we did not talk.  After all, I couldn't care less about football.


Unknown said...

The best part is when you asked him Who player 84 was and he just looked confused?!

Cory has said...

Cory is indeed chad. I hit return and the computer choose chad as my name. I think it is becoming to aware, I have to distance myself from this computer thing.! It heard what I just typed and it is going to byte me!!!!

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