Sunday, February 27, 2011

Live Blogging the Oscars Red Carpet

I LOVE award shows so MUCH.  And I love celebrity news.  So of course, I can't miss the Oscars.  I can't say this with one hundred percent certainty, but I think this is my 34th year watching them.  In other words I'm pretty sure I've never missed an Oscar night in my entire life.  Even last year when I missed them due to travel, I was able to watch them on my mom's TIVO in June.  Phew!

ABC Red Carpet show:

6:01PM Whoa Tim Gunn is super excited to be there! 
6:02PM One-shoulder dresses on interviewers Barbara Roberts and Maria Menunos.  Must be a trend this year.  Crap.  All my ball gowns have two shoulders.
6:03PM I wonder if Banksy will show up?
6:04PM Mila Kunis wasn't a dancer before Black Swan? whoa. And she sounds so cute with her sick voice!
6:05PM Holy crap there's a lot of press on the red carpet.
6:06PM Jesse Eisenberg should wash and cut that hair.  He seems in real life no different than how he played Zuckerberg.
6:12PM Tom Eichinger called me on Skype and I told him I gotta go! The Oscars are on!
6:14PM Jennifer Lawrence has a deep voice but I love that red dress.
6:14PM Didn't Kevin Spacey do something embarrassing a few years back?
6:17PM ICK I hate Melissa Leo's dress.  Wait, no I like it.  I can't decide.  It's ugly. Slash beautiful.

Kinda looks like one of those cut out snowflakes you make in third grade.

6:18PM I would marry Justin Timberlake.
6:18PM 5th graders.  Boring.  Wait.  No.  Not boring.  Inspirational.  "Mr. B" looks best not in cornrows.  He is SO much cooler than my fifth grade chorus teacher. 
6:27PM Cate Blanchett looks so much cuter in my haircut than I do.  And I LOVE her Givenchy dress! Stunning.

Photo credit to
6:30PM The Mominees!  What a great idea! Moms are so cute.
6:31PM Mark Ruffalo's wife's dress is ugly.  I don't like this one shoulder thing. 
6:32PM Marissa Tomei's dress is completely FANTASTIC!  50's Vintage.
6:37PM Scarlet Johansson says that most people bring a snack to the show, because it's super long.  Her hair looks awesome.
6:42PM I wonder if Annette Benning gets sick of people asking her if she's sick of losing to Hilary Swank?  Also I think she gave away an important plot point when she said that Julianne Moore falls for Mark Ruffalo in the movie.  Oops.  Maybe she assumed eveybody's already seen it since it's been out forever.
6:43PM Valentino looks like crap.  Then again, he's 126 years old.
6:48PM Anne Hathaway looks great.  GREAT.
6:49PM Mark Wahlberg in a bow tie.  Lots of dudes wearing bow ties this year.
6:50PM Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth look great, and The King's Speech was a great movie.
6:52PM Reese Witherspoon sounds so CUTE with her sick voice!
6:54PM Love Robert Downey Jr's white tie.
7:01PM Jennifer Hudson.  WOW.  She looks STUNNING.
7:01PM Natalie Portman looks great.  But why is her stomach so fat?  Just kidding. She's Pregnant. Get it?
7:03PM I am in love with James Franco!
7:05PM I am in love with Justin Timberlake!
7:06PM Sandra Bullock.  No jewelry except a simple bracelet and ginormous diamond earrings.  Gorgeous.
7:13PM Nicole Kidman looks pretty good.
7:13PM Can't wait for Gwyneth Paltrow's performance! Calvin Klein is always a good choice for her.
7:15PM It's a little weird to hear Christian Bale's British accent.  I knew he was British, I guess...


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