Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thank Goodness for Dayna

Haircuts in another country.  What can I say?  I can't trust anyone!  Friends have been cutting my hair for YEARS and they do such a great job, and now I'm in a country where long black hair is the norm.  UGH.  And remember the horrible ugly 90's Saved by the Bell mushroom cut from Panama?  I have been wearing it for a month-and-a-half.  New roommate Dayna's mom is a stylist and other new roommate Katie has texturizing scissors, and so we went to town. 

Me, pretending to be scared

No more line!  p.s. nice face.

Yay for friends and scissors.


Sarah said...

Very cute back-of-the-head! And also, I concur: nice face.

Anne said...

Nice job! No more mushroom head!

Mom said...

like the cut. is that your minnesota necklace? you must be missing us. aaawwwww!

Kady said...

thanks guys...and yes mom I miss Minnesota real bad.

Can't wait for May something.


A Fellow Stylist said...

Very Nice!

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