Friday, February 4, 2011

Gettin' a Big Head. For No Reason at All.

A weekend trip to San Jose, Costa Rica offered my beach-town friends and I a rare opportunity to get fancy and go out for Indian food.  And by "fancy", I mean that since San Jose's climate is so much cooler than Huacas, we could take showers and NOT be immediately drenched in sweat from the humidity -- making it possible for makeup and long sleeves and pants.  Fancy!

I had been living out of a backpack for several months and didn't really have anything I wanted to wear "out".  My roommate Nicole came to the rescue and lent me a few things.  It felt so nice to get dressed up!  I was quite happy with the result.  I might have even held my head high and strutted a bit.  I must have projected my inner monologue onto one of our male friends who had been patiently waiting for all of us to get ready.  I was almost certain that I heard him say to me:

"Wow, you look SO good."

I responded with a surprised, "thanks!"

He looked totally confused, so I rewound the scenario in my head. He wasn't looking at me. He had a candy bar in his hand. His mouth was full. I recalled my sense memory of his voice and replayed it. I was horrified. Here's what he really said:

"Wow, that is SO good."

The outfit

The candy-bar-eater-unintentional-feelings-hurter


Sarah said...

You're funny. Now I'm hungry for candybars.

Kady said...

Sorry. That probably doesn't work on the ol' diet, eh?

Anne said...

Kady - did you write Eat, Pray, Love?? I think you did.

Kady said...

Eat Pray Love, man, Eat Pray Love

A tall Candy Bar said...

You look So very good to me! WOW!

Anonymous said...

no you gotta pray before you eat

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